Thursday, 22 February 2018

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Pikarere poster, Wairakau results and photos

Entries are open and the ride poster has been emailed to WATRC News subscribers. If you missed it, check it in our Calendar. Pikarere is a challenging and deceptively hilly ride (see our old but still fairly accurate trail profile) but well worthwhile. Unfortunately the terrain is unsuitable for Lead Rein, although we will have an Intro class.

Wairakau is done and dusted (and dampened by all accounts) and you can find Results in the usual location. Photos by PJ Renshaw can be found linked from our Photos page - PJ has done a great job in trying weather conditions.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Champs sponsors coming on board

While the club champs are now just on 2 months away, your committee has been seeking and finding sponsors for the event.

The latest, Pro-Dosa International has provided an informative one-pager about their product, Pro-Dosa Boost and those of you who subscribe to our mailing list will have seen this in your Inbox.

If you missed it, you can find it here, or you can visit Pro-Dosa International's website for more information.

Other Champs sponsors to date include Ben BatemanFourflax Animal Health Products, TravelSmart Palmerston NorthPJ Renshaw PetaPix, The Hanley Formula, Bunnings Warehouse Palmertston North, and EquiBrew.

Our sponsors support your event - please support them in return.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Wairakau Results and Photos available

Results from Wairakau have been published and can be found on our Results page.

PJ Renshaw has made an album of photos available from the same event. A link to the album can be found on our Photos page.

We expect to have the ride poster available shortly for our next ride at Manakau on Sunday 11 February. Pre-entries are being taken now through our on-line form.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Pukemarama Results and Photos, Wairakau Poster

Our first event of 2018 has the second half of the season off to a great start. Photos by PJ Renshaw (Petapix) are available for review in her online album and can be purchased from her for a very reasonable cost. Find the link on our Photos page along with others from previous events.

Results from the same ride are available on our website as well.

Our next ride is Wairakau, near Palmerston North and you can find directions, classes and the ride poster in our Calendar page.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Ride Day Protocols for all competitors

·      ALL riders MUST attend briefing (8.15am and 9.15am unless otherwise specified)
·      NO cell phones to be used on course. Cell phones may be carried for emergency purposes only but are not permitted for photography or timekeeping. Use of cell phones on course risks elimination. Leave them in your pocket or pack.
·      NO GPS or on board heart rate monitors
·      NO whips or spurs
·      NO reins longer than 3 meters or split reins
·      NO lead ropes (exception lead rein class)
·      NO gumboots. Riding boots must be worn or stirrups with cages
·      NO time wasting: weaving, circling or stopping while on trail, always maintain forward motion (you can let your horse drink)
·      Riders MUST stay mounted and maintain forward motion after crossing finish line until a vet is available to take your heart rate.

Please also ensure that you are familiar with the WATRC Code of Conduct

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Reminders for competitors - next ride Waitarere Sunday 29 October

Hi Everyone

Some points to note and reminders for our upcoming ride atWaiterere on Sunday 29 October.

  • Anyone still holding WATRC $$ (these were $5 vouchers given out as Champs prizes) will only be able to use ONE voucher per activity – that is to say you can put $5 towards your ride entry fee ONLY; you can buy raffle tickets with one $5 voucher and of course you can buy sausages at the BBQ.  These vouchers will not cover membership fees or part thereof 

  • Please do not ask for late ride out times they will not be given – your times will be allocated in order with Open and Long Intermediate riders taking the first half hour from 8.30am

  • Please DO NOT pay on-line – we operate on a cash/cheque payment on the day (anyone paying on line will not get a refund if they don’t show up on the day)

  • Please do NOT bring your horse to the entries trailer – this is both dangerous and inconvenient for other riders trying to register

  • Please can you all refresh your knowledge on what is required of you at a ride – all the information is on our website and when you ride in WATRC events you are expected to abide by the rules and our Code of Conduct.  If you are a paid up member – you have already signed up to these rules and Code of Conduct.

  • There will also be additional information at the entries table to remind you of your obligations when riding in WATRC events – this includes taking personal responsibility for your own safety and all your fellow riders.  If you see a rider in difficulty you are expected to stop and assist that rider. NO EXCEPTIONS – Rider Safety and Horse Welfare are the bottom line for WATRC competitors.
Nicky Chapman
WATRC President