Thursday, 29 November 2007

Photos from Karapoti on Flickr now

Photos from the Karapoti ride are on the Flickr website now and can be accessed through the link on the WATRC Photos page.

WATRC RSS Feed links updated to use Atom

The news of the moment is the demise of our previously hand generated XML based RSS Feed, with an auto-majically generated Atom formated RSS Feed that is an RSS copy of our new Blog which replaces the Diary page. I'm hoping that we'll get a twofold benefit. Less updating of static web pages for me - more participation in the content development process by club officers and members.

Most of you would be unaware that the Wellington Community Network, hosters of our website, have recently upgraded their hardware platform, and our website was physically migrated to the new hardware some weeks ago. If you didn't even notice, that means the WCN team did their job exceptionally well and they are to be congratulated.

As I write, Karapoti photos have just finished uploading to the Flickr website. I'll organise them into a set and post a link from the WATRC site as usual.

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Karapoti Rocks

What a day. The cloud and mist burned off early in the morning and the sun came out. Magic!

This was a very different Karapoti ride from last year's. The going was much harder under-hoof as the ground has dried out since the spring rains.

Due to trees down and logging activities, the ride followed a different trail, but the route to the Raupo Saddle and through the gulleys towards Cannon Point would have been familiar ground to many riders.

A higher proportion of the trail this year was through open land, and the heat of the day resulted in generally higher across-the-line heart-rates.

A great day had by all

Our thanks to the land owners and councils that allowed us access.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Small beginnings

Well, the basic blog is up with a link from the WATRC hompage, and I've started customising the blog template to move it closer to the look and feel of the WATRC site.

As well, I've started to change the WATRC site so that all pages will eventually link to the blog in place of the Diary.

But these things are going to take a little time, and if I'm going to be awake for Karapoti in the morning, I'd best get some sleep now ;-)

"He who does not Blog" explains

OK - this is probably going to seem a little odd for a while as I get to grips with how things work in the blogosphere, but bear with me - it's in a good cause.

The "He who does not Blog" tag refers to the 24 April 2007 post to the WATRC diary page, in which I confess to being a lousy diarist and a never-yet-blogger.

So why this change of heart ?

Well, the thing about blogging is it's a communication revolution that just sort of happened - a quiet revolution changed the world while we slept. While much of the content you can find on the web (and in blogs) is trivial, banal, or downright ugly, the best blogs have become a source of alternative and authoritative news, opinion, and commentary.

And a nice feature of blogs is their mechanism for feedback, debate, participation and sharing of viewpoints, whether within clearly defined communities of interest, or globally.

This blog is very experimental - being a newbie blogger, and a self admitted lousy one at that, this blog is going to need contributors and participants. Like most initiatives it will either be adopted by those who see value in it, or it will wither and disappear (which is fine if it has no value).

If you're invited to contibute, please consider the possibility.
If you'd like to be invited to contibute, drop the webmaster a line.

He who does not Blog bites bullet

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks - sometimes you just have to give things a go