Thursday, 29 November 2007

WATRC RSS Feed links updated to use Atom

The news of the moment is the demise of our previously hand generated XML based RSS Feed, with an auto-majically generated Atom formated RSS Feed that is an RSS copy of our new Blog which replaces the Diary page. I'm hoping that we'll get a twofold benefit. Less updating of static web pages for me - more participation in the content development process by club officers and members.

Most of you would be unaware that the Wellington Community Network, hosters of our website, have recently upgraded their hardware platform, and our website was physically migrated to the new hardware some weeks ago. If you didn't even notice, that means the WCN team did their job exceptionally well and they are to be congratulated.

As I write, Karapoti photos have just finished uploading to the Flickr website. I'll organise them into a set and post a link from the WATRC site as usual.

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