Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Horses and riders endure in near record December highs

Battle Hill is a wonderful venue with good trails and fabulous views, but what a tough ride! In 27 degree heat, three substantial hill-climbs are not to be taken lightly.

Horses and riders set out in overcast but still and humid weather. Where the forest would normally offer welcome shade, it instead imposed un-needed shelter from what little breeze there was. Riders could only make their own breeze by moving it along on the enclosed trails. As the day wore on and cloud burned off, the heat of the day became a major factor to be considered in ride strategies.

For the Open and Intermediate riders who, having returned to base rode out on the loop again, there must have been some interesting moments as their horses questioned the sanity of the decision, as only horses can.

Editing of photos is a little behind schedule this time due to work committments, but I'll endeavour to get them posted as quickly as possible.

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