Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Brights Farm ride confirmed for 10 February

The Bright's Farm ride has now been confirmed for 10 February and the ride co-ordinator Judy Edginton is looking for people to assist. If you can help out on the day or before, please contact Judy on 04 902 4166.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Photos from Waitarere Endurance available now

Finally finished the edits of the Endurance day last night, and upload was completed this morning.

Photographing the Endurance day was a bit different for me as I had to stay fairly close to the ride base and couldn't walk the trail as I usually do with CTR. However, it worked out well as the logistics of a multi-class Endurance competition over the same track on the same day meant that there was an almost continuous procession of people finishing a loop as others were starting theirs. I was racing around on the top of the hill over-looking the start / finish like a fly in a bottle!

Now we're just a week away from starting the trek up to Ngaroma for the North Island Championships. For those of you who are going, good luck, and I hope to catch a few of you on the trail on the CTR day.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Newsletter 105 and Waitarere results posted

While many riders are focussing on the North Island Championships, those of you who are looking towards the next club ride should note that the Bright's Farm dates are under review. Tentatively, the event will now be held either on 10 or 17 of February. We suggest you pencil in these dates for now, and we'll publish finalised dates as soon as they are known.

Also note that the Manakau ride has been deferred for one week and will now be held on 24 February.

I'm still chipping away editing the Waitarere Endurance photos, and hope to have them published before the weekend is over.

Results for CTR and Endurance are now on the website.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Photos from Waitarere CTR available soon

In fact, as I write, photos are up-loading to the Flickr website. Because the upload will take some time, I'll create the set and put a link on the WATRC site now, but be aware that the set may not be fully populated until Monday evening.

So far I've only had time to edit the CTR photos, but I'll start editing the Endurance day shortly.

Waitarere having longer rides and attracting more entrants, always means more photos to edit. The trail layouts also allow multiple opportunities to photograph competitors in the longer events. In the 4 hours available to me between strapping duties, I managed to get around the 13 km inner trail and caught many riders several times, and took an embarassingly large number of pics.

The one set of people I missed was the Open riders. With their early start and faster pace I simply never caught up with them, despite my shortcuts - sorry guys - that's how it goes some days.

It was great to see a lot of new faces on the ride, as well as many familiar one. Also the new combinations of horse and rider. Most of all it was great to see everyone having fun.

The Endurance photos will come, but it may be another week, sorry.