Thursday, 17 January 2008

Photos from Waitarere Endurance available now

Finally finished the edits of the Endurance day last night, and upload was completed this morning.

Photographing the Endurance day was a bit different for me as I had to stay fairly close to the ride base and couldn't walk the trail as I usually do with CTR. However, it worked out well as the logistics of a multi-class Endurance competition over the same track on the same day meant that there was an almost continuous procession of people finishing a loop as others were starting theirs. I was racing around on the top of the hill over-looking the start / finish like a fly in a bottle!

Now we're just a week away from starting the trek up to Ngaroma for the North Island Championships. For those of you who are going, good luck, and I hope to catch a few of you on the trail on the CTR day.

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