Saturday, 9 February 2008

Photos migrated from Yahoo to Flickr

I discovered a few days ago that photos that were previously hosted on the Yahoo photo site are no longer available. Yahoo photos has been closed down, and they are now putting all their energies into Flickr.

I probably missed the announcement of this change - it's been a while since I logged into my Yahoo email account, and I think I had to re-activate it recently - so, my own fault really.

Anyway, fortunately I've kept back-up DVDs with the published photos from the 2006/2007 and 2005/2006 seasons (all shot at 8 megapixels), so uploading these to new sets on Flickr wasn't a problem.

For the 2004/2005 season when I was still using film and having my film processor scan the negatives and produce a CD, there was a litle more work as I had to re-edit the sets. Consequently there may be some different shots in the set, or some that were present on Yahoo may be missing from Flickr. Those shots were scanned at about 1.5 megapixels - good enough for standard sized photo prints, but a bit of a stretch for anything larger.

However, I doubt that anyone will be concerned, and uploading the photos again was mainly about keeping the historical record intact.

It's been a salutary lesson about the value of keeping back-ups in a digital world, and an example of how some of these "free" internet services can be here today and gone tomorrow. Let's hope that Flickr (now owned by Yahoo, and for which I pay a "pro" account fee) is a little more pro-active about letting me know if things are going to change ;-)

Tomorrow we'll be up early and on the road to Bright's Farm. Fingers crossed for some good riding for you and photo opportunities for me. Hope to see you there.

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