Friday, 21 March 2008

Photos from Pikarere (at last)

Photos from Pikarere are now on the Flickr website. Access them from the club photos page as usual.

I've just noticed that the Flickr page layout has changed slightly, and there is no longer a "See diferent sizes" link. Instead, there is now an "All sizes" link that sits just above the top left corner of the selected image. Click on this to go to the all sizes page, from which you can download the original size image as before.

The lighting conditions at Pikarare on the day were a little more challenging than usual, and as a consequence the photos were shot using a higher sensitivity, and this results in more "noise" in some of the images. The effect is that some images may appear "grainier", an effect rather similar to "push processing" a film.

My next challenge will be to try and get the Waitohu photos edited in a shorter time ;-)

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