Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Wairarapa Rewanui ride now includes short Open and Intermediate

For those of you looking to ease down your season, the Rewanui ride, last CTR event of the national calendar now offers a 1 loop 17 km Open and Intermediate class, in addition to the regular 2 loop rides in those classes.

Given the current very dry conditions and what we're told of the terrain, this may be an appealing option for those looking for a last competitive ride that's not too hard on their mount. The Wairarapa rides typically start later in the morning than the WATRC rides and the heat of this wonderful late summer is also a factor to be considered.

As I write, photos from the Waitohu ride are uploading to the Flickr website. I hope to have a link posted either later tonight or early tomorrow morning. I'll update the blog as usual.

The Makara fund raising trek was a great success with about 30 riders taking the opportunity to ride from Makara Farm on Quartz Hill over Terawhiti Station to Te Ikaamaru and Ohau bays, parts familiar to WATRC riders from past events. A longer option carried on to the Cable station at Oteranga Bay. On return to the Makara Farm woolshed, riders were treated to a sausage sizzle and refresements. It was a stunning day.

For those of us familiar with the territory, the roading infrastructure put in for the installation of the West Wind project came as quite a shock. Made for large heavy tansport, the roads cut through hillocks and bridge steep gulleys - better roads in fact than the Makara and South Makara roads themselves! Many of the windmill foundations are progressing apace. The site has been closed to public access since November last year, so this was a rare opportunity and priviledge to ride again over country many of us love.

There will be photos in another week or so as I try to catch up on my backlog ;-)

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