Saturday, 12 April 2008

Orongorongo Trek - wrap up the season with a fun ride

Just when you thought it was all over for another year, the club has a fun ride planned for Sunday 20 April. Check the flyer for details. From the road end at Orongorongo Station to Barney's Whare via the coast is about 6 kilometers, so with a relaxed pace and a stop for lunch this should not be too taxing a ride. Barney's Whare is on the western coast of Palliser Bay, about halfway between Turakirae Head and Fisherman's Rock.

We understand that there will also be another fund raiser ride over Terawhiti on Saturday 19 April, possibly following a trail to the Terawhiti homestead, but we have no other details, sorry.

Upload of the Rewanui photos is now complete and there is a link from the Photos page

Wairarapa's Rewanui CTR photos uploading

As I write, a set of photos from the Wairarapa Endurance and CTR Club ride held at Rewanui on 30 April (originally billed as Tinui on the Wairarapa ride calendar) is uploading to Flickr. This was the last ride of the Wairarapa club's season.

As I understand, this was the first time the Rewanui Forest Park has been used as a CTR venue, and competitors are grateful to the Trimble Foundation, the farm leasee, and the farm manager, Paul, and his family. And of course, to the stalwarts of the Wairarapa club who organised the day.

As noted previously, we found a window of opportunity in the weather, and most of the day was fine, if a little overcast. Because of the lower than usual light levels, the photos have been shot at 1600 ASA, with the result that they are a lot "noisier" than usual. This manifests in a somewhat "grainy" appearance and the colours are a little "flat" and the focus a little "soft". At screen resolution, it probably won't show too badly, but if you want to blow up an image to a larger size, for printing, then you should check before you spend.

Our personal thanks to Paul and Noelle who kindly allowed us to camp overnight at the venue - we would otherwise have had a prohibitively early start to our day ;-)

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Photos from the Makara Fund Raiser Trek uploaded to Flickr

At last, I finally have a set of photos from the Makara fund raiser trek uploaded. It's been a long two weeks trying to fit in a number of obligations, and I've generally failed to meet them !

Of course, the whole thing has been compounded by the failure of my main PC - not a disaster, but certainly a major inconvenience. I'm limping along on a laptop that only has a small subset of my usual tools, and is missing some vital pieces of information.

Consequently, it will be a few days before I can update the photos page with a link to the set above, so if any of you recognise some of the riders who are not club members, could you please let them know the photos are online and perhaps send them a link. I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

In the next week I'll be busy editing the next and last set for this season, the Wairarapa club's Rewanui (Tainui) ride. It turned out we were very lucky with the weather on the day, the ride starting soon after some showers ended, and finishing before the next ones began. Happily the overnight rain had softened the ground a little, and the overcast conditions meant the horses didn't overheat on the challenging terrain.

It was a nice laid back event and good to see familiar faces from both the Wellington and Wairarapa clubs.