Sunday, 18 May 2008

Newsletter 109 published - Prizegiving and AGM date set

With the riding season over, things do go a little quiet on the club front, and so there hasn't been much to report for some weeks. Now however we have a confirmed date for the Prizegiving and AGM, combined with the celebration of WATRC's 21st birthday - a milestone in the life of any entity.

It's clear that our committee have been busy on our behalf in the times between. The issues that the club confronted in the latter half of the season have still to be addresed, but it's encouraging to learn that relations with ESNZ remain cordial, and discussions continue. Even more encouraging is the desire reported on behalf of ESNZ to see CTR grow, along with the willingness of our own members to continue to put forward remits aimed at the betterment of the sport under the ESNZ umbrella.

Details of the Prizegiving and AGM can be found in the latest Newsletter or in the Calendar. We hope that as many of you as are able will be there - it will be fun to catch up.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Network problems at WCN

Along with other sites hosted by the Wellington Community Network, WATRC was unavailable last weekend due to problems outside the WCN's control. If you were trying to access the website and couldn't, that's why.

With the weather forecast looking very marginal, the Orongorongo fun ride was called off. Apparently the Terawhiti ride on the Saturday did proceed, despite the cold conditions.