Friday, 31 October 2008

Bulls photos uploading

As I write, photos from the Bulls ride held on 26 October are uploading to the Flickr website. I've posted a link to the set on the photos page, but the photos will only be added to the set when the batch is completed. If you want to get an early preview of the photos, go to the photo stream instead. If you refresh the page every 5 minutes or so, another image or two should be available.

Although there was a small field of riders due to the dire weather predictions that never really came to pass, I've taken a lot of shots, and the layout of the trail meant that I had several opportunities to take shots of most people. Being a new venue, I've also left more than the usual number of landscape and environment shots in the set.

It certainly is a beautiful venue, and the recent rains had left the free draining sandy soil of the farm quite soft underfoot, but not muddy. The day was overcast but not at all cold, and if there was any wind (and there certainly was plenty as we headed home through the Manawatu), the venue was well sheltered from it and we never really noticed.

This is a great venue that I'm sure riders will look forward to next year.

Tomorrow (Saturday) we head off to Wairarapa and the Whareama CTR day and Endurance ride. It'll be an early start and we'll come back on Sunday - again, the weather predictions are not good, and this time we think they just might come true ;-)

I'll leave the upload running overnight, but in the past these have been prone to failures, so bear with me if the complete set of photos doesn't get completed and finalised until Sunday evening.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Newsletter 112 and Maymorn results published

Check the website for the newsletter and the Maymorn results if you haven't already received them by email.

Please note also a small change in the directions to the Bulls venue this weekend. The entrance has been shifted and is now just after the 65 kmph bend. This will mimimise any inconvenience to the land owner who has so generously allowed us access to this new trail.

Also note that as you enter you will be on part of the course for a short distance and you may encounter riders. Please keep well to the left, go slowly, and stay alert for horses that may become alarmed.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Maymorn photos now available to view on Flickr

I've not long completed the selection and upload of shots from Maymorn, and you can now link to the set from the Photos page as usual.

It was great weather for the ride, and with the day heating up as time passed, the early starters were glad of their "red-eye" choice.

Coming up we have the Bulls ride - a new venue for the club and one we hope to see you all at. See the Calendar for details

Monday, 13 October 2008

Ride flyer for Bulls (26 October) and calendar updates posted

Details of the Bulls ride to be held on Sunday 26 October have been emailed to newsletter subscribers and now posted to the website. This is a new venue for the club with terrain reputably similar to Waitarere - mostly flat going with farm and forestry trails.

In fact, Bulls is the first of a number of new venues this season, and updates to the calendar have now been posted outlining some of these. February will be a very busy month for the club with an event each weekend.

The Maymorn ride was a great success, with riders enjoying wonderful weather to complete a well loved course in generous time.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Photos from Waitarere trickling onto Flickr

With a backlog of photos to edit from the Wairarapa 2 day Tinui event, it's taken me a while to get started on Waitarere, but I hope to have caught up before the next WATRC ride at Maymorn.

Rather than keep folk waiting, I decided to upload the photos I've selected so far, and I'll carry on with the edit task and upload the rest as I'm able, finalising the set sometime next week.

In some ways, the hardest part is done, with most of the forest photo selection done. Photographing riders in the Waitarere forest quickly exposes the limitations of one's gear and talents. At low resolution , some of you may notice that the forest pictures have greater contrast than the farm shots. At high resolution, you'll notice a lot of "noise" in the darker parts of the images. This is from pushing the sensitivity of the camera so as to shoot in low light.

If you also notice some bluriness, this is more to do with the limitations of the photographer. Using telephotos at slower shutter speeds (again because of the low light) a steadier hand is required ;-)

Anyway, as the caption on the photos page says, editing and uploading is still in progress, so if you saw me on the trail but there isn't a photo of you yet, look again when the set is final, and with any luck there'll be a shot of you.