Friday, 31 October 2008

Bulls photos uploading

As I write, photos from the Bulls ride held on 26 October are uploading to the Flickr website. I've posted a link to the set on the photos page, but the photos will only be added to the set when the batch is completed. If you want to get an early preview of the photos, go to the photo stream instead. If you refresh the page every 5 minutes or so, another image or two should be available.

Although there was a small field of riders due to the dire weather predictions that never really came to pass, I've taken a lot of shots, and the layout of the trail meant that I had several opportunities to take shots of most people. Being a new venue, I've also left more than the usual number of landscape and environment shots in the set.

It certainly is a beautiful venue, and the recent rains had left the free draining sandy soil of the farm quite soft underfoot, but not muddy. The day was overcast but not at all cold, and if there was any wind (and there certainly was plenty as we headed home through the Manawatu), the venue was well sheltered from it and we never really noticed.

This is a great venue that I'm sure riders will look forward to next year.

Tomorrow (Saturday) we head off to Wairarapa and the Whareama CTR day and Endurance ride. It'll be an early start and we'll come back on Sunday - again, the weather predictions are not good, and this time we think they just might come true ;-)

I'll leave the upload running overnight, but in the past these have been prone to failures, so bear with me if the complete set of photos doesn't get completed and finalised until Sunday evening.

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