Saturday, 25 April 2009

Belmont Regional Park gets a promo in Schmap

Schmap is a publisher of digital travel guides for destinations throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It can be browsed online, and has versions optimized for iPhone and Nokia users. You can learn about it on the Schmap website.

Why mention this ? Well, the publishers of the Wellington guide asked if they could use a photo from a WATRC event, and chose one from the recent Belmont Regional Park ride. You can see the guide entry here. Look for a shot from our event in the set of four photos associated with the entry.

Schmap presents information from a variety of sources, including Google Maps and Flickr. Clicking on the image takes the viewer back into the image in Flickr, where I've added a link back to the WATRC website and other Belmont sets.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Check the April 2009 Sportaloosa Quarterly - see "Miss Autumn" ;-)

A few weeks ago, I received a request for the use of a photo from a member of one of the HorseTalk forums. The contact turned out to be one of the publishers of the website and quarterly online magazine of a non profit organisation that promotes spotted breeds as sport horses (therefore, "Sportaloosa"), and they were looking for a suitable cover photo for their second magazine.

The request arose after Leslie had posted a favorite picture of Dove from the Waikawa Beach ride to the HorseTalk forum.

We were rapt to receive today a link to the latest Sportaloosa Quarterly, a short online magazine downloadable for free as a PDF file. No prize for guessing who is the latest "cover-girl". It being a quarterly magazine and this being the April edition, in our household at least Dove has been temporarily dubbed "Miss Autumn" (which is probably better than "Miss Fall" as she might be were it October and this the northern hemisphere ;-)

Anyway, the terms of use of the image was an attribution for the photographer by name with a URL to the WATRC website, so with luck the club will benefit from some additional exposure.

For those of you with spotted horses, whether purebred Appaloosa or Knabstrupper, or an out-cross with spots, take some time to check out the Sportaloosa website.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Bulls Championship photos on Flickr

Put on a spurt last night and burned some midnight oil to complete the first cut edit of the Bulls set. Concluded that with care-giving for Leslie including a vist to the hospital today and the likelihood of new cast being fitted, plus the need to pack myself up and get to the Wairarapa for the Endurance National Champs, a second go-through was not really on the cards.

So, they're up - a little bit raw still, but it's done.

What a great venue we have at Bulls. Without the support of the land-owners we would not have access to such a range of fabulous trails, and we're very grateful for their willingness to open their properties to the club.

Great job all the organisers, officials, and helpers. A well marked course and a well run event. It's too easy to just not notice the work that goes into a sporting club event but I'm sure our competitors all apreciate what makes a successful event.

I had a fine walk and there were lots of photo opportunities. Also, the earlier start meant some of the first shots of the day got the benefit of some wonderful morning light, and I'm particularly pleased with some of the backlit shots that catch highlights around horses and riders. While shooting in that light has it's challenges and none of those photos are technically perfect, the effect is stunning, and it's the impact that matters.

I hope you enjoy them

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Championships Results, Turakina Flyer and Newsletter 121 online

Results from the Championships ride at Bulls were emailed today and are downloadable from the results page. The latest newsletter came out at the same time and can be downloaded from the news page.

Shortly afterwards a ride flyer for Turakina was published and contains some important updates relating to entries. Please refer to the flyer on the calendar page rather than the details in the newsletter.

Photos from Bulls are not available yet - I'm still editing the set, but hoping I may be able to upload on Thursday before heading over to the Endurance Championships hosted by the Wairarapa club at Whareama. If I can't make that deadline it will unfortunately not be until after Easter.