Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Newsletter 126 published

The latest newsletter has been emailed and is now posted on the website.

Do check it out - ride flyers for the rescheduled Waikawa Beach ride (1 Nov) and Wainuiomata ride (8 Nov) are incorporated, along with the rescheduled Maymorn ride (15 Nov). As we've said already, November is going to be a very busy month, weather permitting.

Note that the Waikawa ride has been brought forward a half hour (first rider out at 1:30 pm) to take advantage of the earlier low tide - indeed the two week delay has meant we now avoid the worst of the spring tide that was close to the prevously scheduled date.

So much nautical science required for equestrian sports - who knew ?

Monday, 19 October 2009

Waikawa Beach - resheduled for 1 November

There's been some fast re-organising going on behind the scenes as your dedicated committee try to salvage something from our so far soggy Spring riding season.

Waikawa Beach has now been rescheduled to 1 November.
Wainuiomata remains as originally scheduled, on 8 November.
Maymorn remains rescheduled for 15 November as previously advised.
Again, a busy three weekends on the trot.

However, mercifully, the Brights Farm ride, scheduled for 22 November has now been cancelled. Don't worry, you'll still get a crack at it in February as part of the premier points competition.

See the calendar for details

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Maymorn Rescheduled - now 15 November

We've just had confirmation that the Maymorn ride is on again (weather permitting, of course) and has been reschdeuled to 15 November. Assuming everything else stays on track, it's going to be a busy three weekends, with Wainuiomata on the 8th, Maymorn on the 15th, and Brights Farm on the 22nd.

No word as yet regarding reschedule of the Waikawa Beach ride - let's hope for a stunning "go-to-the-beach" day for that one. As soon as we have news, we'll let you know.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Waikawa Beach Ride Postponed

It seems the weather remains resolutely against us, and again we've had to cancel a ride. It's not so much that the weather is looking a bit dodgey for Sunday (it is) but the amount of rain that we've had in the last weeks, and the expected dump in the Tararuas for tomorrow.

With that kind of precipitation, rivers are going to be up, and combined with a spring tide we don't want to be putting riders or mounts in harm's way. Those of you familiar with the course know that there are two river crossings, and those who are familiar with the photos from the 2007 ride will know what it's like when we get the tides wrong - trust us, you don't want that ;-)

We hope to be able to re-schedule this ride (tentatively 1 November, pending discussions with our venue hosts), but if that doesn't work out then Wainuiomata on 8 November is the next scheduled ride. As soon as we have an update we'll post it.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Maymorn Ride Postponed

We love our ride venues - we hate to say cancelled - but in effect that's what it is.

With the parking area very soggy and no way it will drain and dry out in time for Sunday, along with high waters in the river and creeks, the Regional Park Ranger has asked that we postpone this Sunday's ride.

So, Maymorn is off until we can find a new spot to fit it back into our calendar.

Sorry about that - stay warm and dry

See you at Waikawa Beach on Sunday 18 October

Waitarere Photos uploading now

At last - sorry for the delay - it's a busy ol' life and I've had to snatch a few hours here and there to do the selections. Thank goodness for sick days - shame about the sick part of it :-(

Also I apologise to those who commenced their ride after 11:10 am - I have to work to a timetable as I have strapping, trot-out, and general gopher duties back at the base at the end of Leslie's ride. If you saw me on the trail, there'll be a photo (or two) of you somewhere in the set. Otherwise, enjoy the snaps of your fellow competitors, and aim for an earlier start next time ;-)

What a great day it was nonetheless - dead lucky with the weather. I was warned of water on the trail as I set out, but it had all drained away over-night and good going under-foot for horses and photographers was assured.

The Waitarere forest produced it's usual challenges with low light in the trees and high contrast in the places where the light broke through. High ISO ratings, slower shutter and wider apertures tend to produce a little more "noise" and blurring, but overall I'm pleased with the results. I hope you will be too.

The set is uploading as I write this - the final count will be 373, so if it's not complete when you look at it, give it a while and come back a bit later. I'll monitor it during the evening so that, fingers crossed it will be completed tonight - with a set that size there are usually a few breakdowns on the information highway to contend with ;-)

If you haven't already seen them, the results are on the website, along with Newsletter 125

News just to hand - due to the amount of rain we've had, the grounds at Maymorn are very soggy and the creeks and rivers are up. Accordingly, we've postponed the Maymorn ride.

I'll be updating the website calendar shortly

So - start planning instead for the Waikawa Beach ride on Sunday 18 October, and we'll hope to see you there.