Friday, 26 February 2010

Belmont Photos on Flickr

Belmont attracted only a small field of competitors, which was a pity really, as it's an excellent venue with well marked trails and fine views over the Wellington, Hutt and Porirua cities and surrounds.

It's a challenging ride with a few more than the usual number of climbs and descents, and this was compensated by allowing all classes additional time to complete the distance. The course layout was in the reverse of last year's and covered some of the same ground, dropping out parts and adding in a few new sections.

Despite the patchy and uncertain weather we've been having this summer, it was a very good day if a little breezy on the exposed tops.

The photo set was uploaded overnight last night and is now available through the photos page as usual, or direct via this link.

We do hope as many of you as possible will make it to the Turakina ride. This venue was a late addition to the season last year and got excellent reviews from those who were able to attend. This year it's been brought forward into the main season and promises to be a "not-to-be-missed" event.

Hope to see you there.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Changes to WATRC website and Blog hosting coming soon

We've recently received notification of changes at that will affect us slightly. As you may have noticed, when you open our WATRC blog, you are still on the WATRC website. That's because, when we set up the blog, we've chosen an option to publish the website to our own web server rather than using a server. have announced the withdrawal of support for that option (FTP publishing) and will shortly be offering a tool to help existing FTP publishers to migrate to the servers. While we could do so pretty much any time now, we've decided to wait for the tool to see if it offers any benefits to us before making the move.

When we make the move, we'll make sure the links from our site are updated. If you have bookmarked the Blog you'll need to update your saved URL. If you subscribe to the RSS feed, you'll probably need to update that too. Aside from opening at a new URL, nothing much else about the blog should change, and it will deliver the same irregular and quirky updates as ever.

Of far more significance to us is the recently confirmed withdrawal of funding for the Wellington Community Network (WCN) by the Wellington City Council. The effect of this is that WCN will cease to operate, and we are now in the process of looking at alternative website hosting services that fit within our budget.

One alternative is free hosting on Google Sites, where you may stumble across an in-progress build of a "look-alike" WATRC site. This is not a done deal - more part of a "learn-by-doing" exercise for me as I work out what's involved in moving the site from it's current off-line site editor style maintenance to an on-line site editing basis.

So, this note is simply a "heads-up" to let you know that some site changes are coming and we're working to ensure that our website remains functional and serves our club through the transition - nothing to worry about here ;-)

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Brights Farm photo set uploaded

A smaller field than we've been accustomed to lately. Doubtless a few folk put off by the venue's reputation, and others by the undecided weather. Brights is certainly a tough ride with a lot of climbing and decending, and for the longer distances there's the psychological hurdle of doing it twice. Nonetheless it's a wonderful venue, and a worthy test of horse and rider.

With time at a premium, I headed out on the trail with riders initially catching me up, and then headed back against the flow and up the final hill. That way I could be assured of seeing everyone at least once, but still within easy distance of the base for when I had to get back. Of course, I tarried a while at the top after Leslie and Sharon had gone past so that I could catch a few more competitors, and then had to run down the hill and take a rather steep shortcut to get back in time, at the cost of one slip and painfully stiff muscles for the rest of the week - the things we do!

So now we watch and wait on the weather to see the outlook for Belmont. In the meantime, enjoy the photos from Brights.