Saturday, 13 March 2010

Newsletter 133 and Turakina results online

The latest newsletter and results from the Turakina ride have been posted to the website. Photos from Turakina are still some days away as we navigate our way through a few more social events than we're normally accustomed.

What a fabulous venue is Cluny Farm - we missed it last year and it's really great to see it brought into the main calendar this year. A well designed course, well marked, and terrain varied enough to be interesting and a challenge, but not so tough as to be off-putting. Well done, Aimee and Brenda and helpers.

Some time before the end of March, I aim to have this blog moved off the WCN host and onto the host. That move will be followed fairly rapidly by the migration of the entire website onto Google sites.

There are a couple of drivers for this aggressive time table. First, as advised previously, is withdrawing suport for FTP publishing as of 1 May. Second, Wellington Community Network is ceasing to provide free hosting for community websites from 1 July. And third, Leslie and I will be travelling overseas for some weeks from early May. The hope is that by completing the migration by the end of March, it still leaves us April to iron out any glitches and get our back-up webmasters up to speed.

The Blog migration is expected to go fairly easily as have provided a migration tool to help with updating the blog and the hosting site. I anticipate having to change the main links from sidebars, and there may be a few embedded links that will break until I can track them down, but disruption will (I hope) be minimal.

The migration of the website will be a bigger exercise and may be a little more disruptive. Much of the new site has been built already in Google Sites, but there is still some work to be done. You're welcome to take an early peek at the new site. It's not that much different to look at than the old site in fact, but some links still take you back to content on the old site until the migration is complete.

Aside from the website URL changing (I suggest you bookmark the new site and the old one in the interim), the demise of WCN also means our email addresses for club officers will have to change. I'll be setting up the new addresses and placing them on both sites for the transition, but the old addresses will continue to work up until the day WCN pulls the plug. When you see the new addresses, I suggest you update the contact details in your personal address books.

For the time being we are maintaining the two sites, but a tipping point will be reached at which the main pages of the old site will carry advice that you should start to use the new site, and a link to take you there.

Please bear with us as we make the transition, and by all means let us know if something appears to be "broken" so that we can fix it.

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