Sunday, 21 March 2010

Photos from Turakina uploading

Upload is in progress now and will run over-night. It's taken me so long to complete the first pass-through of the photos that I've chosen to upload now rather than delay further for a second pass - kind of a quality control and trimming exercise that we'll just have to forego this time. This means the set is quite large.

It was always going to be a fairly big set as I've included shots taken around the farm on the evening before the event, and the layout of the course meant many competitors passed me twice. There were also some great opportunities for getting a long sequence of shots on the more open parts of the course, so I've kept a larger number of shots where I had plenty to chose from.

On the website migration front (one reason for the delay in getting this set done) progress has been good, with the new site now running in parallel and the blog re-homed. The remaining tasks now are to update the club's email addresses published on both sites, and to review the blog for links to the old website and update these to the new site.

At some time in the near future now, the old site will start to carry notices of the move and the sidebar links will be updated to point to the new site. Once that is done, there will be very little incentive to continue to maintain the old site, and it will be left pending the closure of WCN hosting.

Anyway, next ride is the Club Champs at Foxton - a new venue for everyone, and we hope to see you there.

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