Saturday, 3 April 2010

Championships results and Newsleter 134 published

Out today are the results from the Champs ride at Foxton. A great new venue and one we hope we can use again in future.

The latest newsletter was published today also, and in it the flyer for the next ride at Waitarere, and ever popular venue with flat terrain over farm and forest trails.

So, taking advantage of a site update opportunity, we've taken the next step in migrating to our new website host, placing notice of closure and an alternative link in our most prominent landing pages, and updating the navigation sidebar so that all sidebar links should now direct you to the equivalant page on the new website.

In fact, the migration of content is complete, and the remaining steps are all about moving you from the old site to the new one. If you have bookmarks or "Favourites" to the old site or pages in it, you'll need to update these before the end of June.

We haven't gone through the entire old website and updated every internal link to point it to the new site. If you've kept deep links to pages in our website you may still have some limited ability to navigate within the old site (until it dies), but once you land on the new site, its links should keep you there.

Still working on the photos from Foxton - the overcast day and lots of forest shooting means the images are often grainier, the focus softer, and the dynamic range lower due to the compromises one must make to get the shot. On the up-side however, the course layout was such that I covered all of it except for the loop over the sand hill, and I saw most competitors more than once, so there's lots of shots to choose from.

No ETA for the set, sorry, but I'm aiming to deliver before the next ride.

See you at Waitarere.

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