Saturday, 8 May 2010

News and Results following Waitohu: and greetings from America

It's an extraordinarily civilised country that recognises broadband access as a human right - no, not America, but France - the Americans I doubt ever expected to have to declare it - they just did it. Hence, we sit here in our RV (recreational vehicle - think "campervan") and check our email, note the latest news and results from Catherine, and what-the-hey update the website - after all it's most likely hosted on an American server anyway, and I guess we're closest ;-)

We're a couple of hundred miles (it's hard thinking in miles again after all these years of metric system) south of San Franciso on the coast at Morro Bay - about halfway to Los Angeles, although we're not necessarily headed there. The main thing bringing us this way (don't laugh) is the quest for a saddle!! About 20 miles inland from here is San Luis Obispo, seat of the county of the same name, and base for Longriders, with whom we've had some past dealings. And yes, again don't laugh, shopping has been on the agenda.

Longriders is in fact mainly an Internet business with only a small display stock, but enough to get those acquisatorial juices flowing - still no saddle, but chances are that will be our next direction setter - there's a saddlery a wee way south of LA that's been getting favourable murmurings ;-) Tonight will be spent planning our hops and stops for the remaining 2 weeks so that we get to see a few non-equestrian sights in amongst the other missions.

No progress to report on the balance of the Waitohu photos, sorry - they'll arrive in due course but probably not for a good while now.

Anyway - enough for now - we're on holiday ;-)

See you at AGM

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Part set of Waitohu Photos uploading

I'm running out of time before heading overseas, so I'll only get about half of the Waitohu photos uploaded before departing these shores for a couple of months. And while I'll have a laptop with me so might get time to do some more, realistically it's more likely that not a lot more will happen until I get home.

Sorry about this, but there's just too much to do before we go and not enough time to do it all. I'm hoping that I've at least got a shot of everyone who was on the ride, and when I finish the set there will be some more.

See you at the AGM