Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Waikawa Beach pre-entries close 8 p.m. Friday 29 October

Through an oversight, the pre-entries closure date for the postponed Maymorn ride was not updated when the Calendar page was updated for Waikawa Beach this Sunday. My apologies for this. If you know anyone who thought they couldn't enter because of this, please let them know that pre-entries are still open and we're keen to have them join us.

Meanwhile, we await favourable weather for Sunday with bated breath - while it's not unheard of for our rides to be postponed or cancelled due to the weather or the ground conditions at a venue, it's always a great disappointment to us. Rest assured, the decision to cancel a ride is not taken lightly.

We're investigating the feasibility of setting up a club phone with voicemail greeting so that if the weather's a bit suspect, you can check the status of the ride before committing to the journey. Of course, if you're leaving early the day before for one of our more distant venues, you may need to check while on the road - while we'll update the status as early as possible you still need to use your own judgement when conditions are marginal.

At this stage, the MetService 10 day forecast is looking quite favourable for Sunday - it's just a matter of timing - if the predicted southerly clears on Saturday, we're in for a wonderful beach ride on Sunday.

Hope to see you there.


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