Saturday, 27 November 2010

Pukemarama Photos published - Last minute Foxton course update

Photos from Pukemarama were uploaded overnight and the finishing touches applied this morning. Still backlogged on Wainuiomata and about to compound my problems with Foxton tomorow, but we're getting there slowly.

A technical hitch while out and about on the Pukemarama trail has resulted in shots of a couple of pairs of competitors being of much poorer quality than I aim for, but I was able to salvage at least a record of their appearance - we'll aim to do better for them at Foxton.

We're passing on last minute advice of further revision to the Foxton course, dropping the distance a couple of kilometers per loop (so now 36 km for Open and Intermediate, and 18 km for other classes) and times have been adjusted accordingly. This is just one of those things that can happen - our rides are often on private land and the needs of a working farm take precedence. We owe a vote of thanks to Aimee and Sandy for their long hours spent scouting, marking, measuring, and then modifying and re-measuring this course - it will be an excellent ride and to judge by the pre-entries received (69) you all think so too.

Please remember to confirm your finalised ride times and distances when you register your entries at the desk - the times and distances published on the website and in the newsletter are only a guide, and the ground jury may alter a course after publication for safety reasons or to accommodate the wishes of the land owner.

See you there.

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