Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Newsletter 143 and Pikarere ride-flyer published

While we're wrapping up the calendar year, the WATRC season continues full speed ahead. our last newsletter for 2010 is available to download and we have ride fliers for the next ride at Pikarere, and the rescheduled Maymorn ride at the end of January.

We hope you get lots of fine days to go riding over the festive season, and hope to see you fit and well and ready to ride at our first event in 2011.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Battle Hill photos uploading over-night

You'll find a link to the last ride before Xmas on the photos page as usual. The upload will complete in the small hours of Tuesday and sometime during the day I'll apply the tags, select the cover shot, and remove the progress image.

That's it now until Pikarere in January - we're expecting a newsletter and ride flyer in the next few days, so check back on the website or watch your email.

Have a safe and happy Xmas and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Foxton Photos published

I didn't think I was going to make it before Battle Hill, but I did - Foxton photos are now on-line and I've cleared my back-log, at least for a day!!

Along with others from WATRC, I attended the funeral of Gabrielle Deuss on Thursday. On our behalf, Eunice Tyler paid tribute to Gabrielle's contribution to equestrian sport, along with representatives from other organisations with whom Gabrielle has been associated.

The most moving tributes were given by her family and I'm sure all of us who know the Deuss's will support them through this time.

Battle Hill tomorrow has a new extension for the Intermediate and Open riders. The shorter distance remains much as it was, traversing the farm and the extended Puketiro Loop, while the longer distance covers a new section of private land stretching along the tops towards Flighty's Road. This should help take some of the sting out of what's always been a challenging ride as past extensions have often involved additional steep hill-climbs.

This is the last ride of the calendar year and is always popular despite the challenging terrain.

Hope to see you there, somewhere on the trail.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Gabrielle Deuss

With sadness we learned over the weekend of the passing of Gabrielle Deuss after a long illness.

Gabrielle and the Deuss family are long time members of WATRC and supporters of CTR and Endurance riding in the Wellington and Wairarapa areas.

WATRC has sent condolences on behalf of members to the Deuss family, husband Eberhard and children Kirstin, Felix and Tessa.

A celebration of Gabrielle's life will be held on Thursday 9 December at 2 pm

Cornwall Manor
Cnr Knights Road and Cornwall St
Lower Hutt

IMG_EOS 400D DIGITAL2008096922

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Wainuiomata Photos on-line

The Wainuiomata set is smaller than usual, reflecting on the one hand the smaller size of the field, and on the other the shorter time your photographer was out on the course. I haven't worked out whether I got shots of everyone or not - the course layout and my limited time meant I got only as far as the second loop start point for the Open and Intermediate riders, but at least that was a point that every rider had to pass at least once, so the chances are if you saw me, I saw you.

A challenging ride and whatever else you may have thought of it, you have to admire the locals and their horses for whom this terrain and similar is their normal training and recreation venue. Magnificent views as promised, and a handy location for the more southerly based competitors.

I've now started on the Foxton set - I doubt it will be complete before the Battle Hill ride, but I'm hopeful that both will be available before Xmas - Foxton is another big set, and I expect Battle Hill will be too as it's the last ride of the calendar year and hosts our Rhona Fraser Challenge event.

While Battle Hill is another challenging ride with the long climb and descent of the Puketiro Loop track, we're hoping this year to use trails on neighbouring private land to provide the extensions to the course. Having seen some of the trails that are likely to be used, I'm hopeful that these will enhance this course and encourage more competitors to try the longer classes.

Hope to see you there.