Monday, 24 January 2011

Bright's Farm photos uploading

The upload is under way but is likely to take some hours, and may have to be interupted. It should certainly be complete by Tuesday morning, but between now and then I expect I'll have to deal with a glitch or two ;-)

It will be quite a large set. I got out just ahead of the first riders but had to be back at base for strapping duties after two hours, so I stayed in the front part of the trail, walking out and back to ensure I got photos of all competitors. Apart from a few riders who made a course error and never passed me (I saw their disappearing backs in the distance ;-) I got pretty much everyone.

After final vetting for my connections I got out on the trail again, but with most riders leading their horses down the long final hill it didn't seem worth leaving the Control Area (well, that's my excuse) where all riders should at least be mounted.

As it worked out, I saw quite a few of the earlier starters several times on the course when they were coming back through for their second loop as I was returning to the base, and then again the Intermediates and Opens were finishing their rides while I was on my second sortie. Consequently, a large set.

And, in all other respects a very successful event - we were a little lucky with the weather, but a cool day is usually very good for the heart rates and is always welcome at Brights by the horses - the hill climbs are long and strenuous, but the extra time allowed ensured that the ride was feasible.

We're now looking forward to Maymorn, and keeping fingers crossed for fine weather.

Hope to see you all there.

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