Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Sunday 16 January - Change of venue

Regretfully we've had to change the venue for this event - we were going to be at Pikarere, but now we will be holding the event at Bright's Farm instead. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Pikarere will not be available to us on the scheduled date. Fortunately, trail conditions at Bright's Farm have improved over the last few months and the venue is available, so that's where we'll be.

Brights is a challenging course, and in response to past feedback the course designers will be ensuring that additional time is allowed. Of course, you have the option to enter a slower / shorter class if you're concerned your mount will not be ready for a harder course. We definitely advise against chooosing this venue for your first step up to a higher class.

Once course marking is completed later this week, we expect to have a ride flyer out with full details.

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