Saturday, 19 February 2011

Manakau Results online - Photos uploading

The Manakau Farm photo set is a little smaller than recent sets - a few reasons for this:

First, I was out on the trail only for a short time due to obligations back at the ride base, but that said, I was out long enough to get shots of nearly everyone, with the last riders leaving shortly before my return time - so it all worked out pretty well in the end.

Second, I had to drop back to my older camera and a shorter lens - after a minor accident at Maymorn my usual gear is off at the local agent for some repairs and my back-up has a slower frame rate, so less photos in the same time - fortunately we have accidental damage cover to take away the pain, but the inconvenience is unavoidable.

However, that worked in nicely with the last issue - the rain. A shorter lens meant I had to wait for people to get closer, which also meant that there was less time to take photos, but also meant less exposure of sensitive electronics to the damp - not such a bad compromise in the circumstances.

So, as is common with some other marginal weather sets, the images are a little grainier (if you look at some at full size you'll see the rain drops ;-) and a little darker and flatter.

But everyone seemed to be having fun despite the weather, and in truth it wasn't cold and it wasn't that bad.

Let's hope for better conditions at Turakina.

Oh - and the results are in the usual place.

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