Saturday, 2 April 2011

Pikarere photos uploaded and linked from the photos page

A smaller set this time - result of a combination of the weather conditions and a relatively short time on the trail for me. Unfortunately I didn't catch everyone on the trail, missing a few of the late starters who were hidden in fog on the first hill while I had to cut back to base (I could hear you, guys, but I sure couldn't see you ;-) Of course, even some riders I did see were under less than ideal conditions.

What weather it was. The trail had been marked earlier in the week under brilliant sun I'm told, and even on Saturday when I went around with Nicky for an informal TD and to put in some extra markers (and drive in those the stock had pushed out) the day gave no clue of what was to come on Sunday. Pikarere will be developing a reputation for pea-soupers.

By the time the thunderstorm hit, we'd had enough - fortunately we were already packed for a quick get-away so as the rain-drops got fatter and wetter, we dragged the horse onto the float and made a run for it. So, let's hope for better weather for the Champs

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