Sunday, 7 August 2011

New season's Ride Calendar released

It seems we've no sooner finished the last season than we start planning the next one. Your committee has worked out a provisional ride calendar for 2011/12. We think we have the dates and venues pretty well sorted, but we do need to get a few more confirmations from land owners and organisers.

Of course, the calendar is subject to change through the season, but we think we have enough there now that you can start planning your campaign. While each of our events is a challenge in it's own right, the larger challenge is to complete a season with your horse still fit and sound.
During the off-season, other things have been happenning.

As time has allowed, we've added some new trail profiles to the website, but there are more to come.

We've made some experimental layout changes on the photos page. With some of our members living in rural areas having only dial-up internet, we thought it might be worth trying a slide show gadget that presents a small low resolution show from the event set on Flickr. The gadget also includes navigation features. Broadband users can also put the show into fullscreen mode and take advantage of their higher speed service.

So with the amazingly mild winter we've had so far no doubt most of your horses have remained in light work at least, and you'll be able to get busy on your pre-season training. And while you're doing that, we'll get the organisation humming again.

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