Friday, 28 October 2011

Foxton Ride Cancelled

We're very disappointed, but sometimes these things happen despite our best efforts. Our course marker was advised today as they were finalising the course that there were access problems at the venue, and it simply hasn't left us time to make alternative arrangements. Consequently we're forced to cancel.

This is such a great venue, and we'd love to say we could postpone, but the reality is our calendar is already pretty full and the chances of finding an alternate date for the venue this season are not high.

However, we have Pukemarama coming up next on 13 November. Similar terrain (flat) and only a little further north (directions are in the calendar) and maybe by then the weather will be a little better.

Our sincere apologies for any disruption to your weekend plans - rest assured if there'd been another viable option  we'd have taken it.

In the meantime, keep your rides fit, and we'll look forward to seeing you at Pukemarama

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