Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Pukemarama Photos on Flickr

The over-night upload finally completed this morning, and I've put a link into the Photos page before heading off to work. I'll complete the cover photo and slide show set up when I get home tonight.

Another big set - Pukemarama turned out to be a photographer's course with a very busy junction about 3 km into the ride at the intersection of the two sub-loops that formed the main loop. Combine with the big field, many of the early and 2 loop rides feature several times as a result.

The freshly metalled farm tracks turned out not too bad, probably because of the recent wet weather - the stones and grit had not compacted so were still relatively soft underfoot. A great venue and the weather, while not perfect for photography, was good for CTR - overcast and cool.

Results were released a few days ago, and a newsletter is due any day. Waikawa Beach a little over a week away now so we're into our season full swing.

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