Saturday, 24 December 2011

Battle Hill Results, Pikarere Ride Poster

Well it's a Ho! Ho! Ho! and the night before Xmas and your tireless committee slaves on. We have the ride poster for Pikarere in the Calendar and the checked results from Battle Hill on the Results page. Nicky is preparing a newsletter as well and that will no doubt be posted to you soon.

With regret, the Battle Hill photos still are not ready, but now that the day job has wrapped up for the break and the pre-Xmas rounds of socialising are done there is some hope for getting them done
(if I can just avoid the gardening chores ;-)

So, what a great first half of the season we've had. We've been lucky with the weather and fortunate to have only one ride cancelled (sometimes the spring weather can play havoc with our schedule).

First up in January is Turakina. This is a gorgeous venue tucked into the Turakina Valley off the road to Wanganui - well located for our northern riders, but well worth the trip for our southern riders too. Take a tent and camp at the ride base - the sunrise alone will make it worth your while.

WATRC wishes you a safe and enjoyable festive season and hopes you'll be back in the new year, refreshed and ready to ride.

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