Sunday, 8 January 2012

Newsletter 151 includes Pikarere ride poster

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope those of you who have finished their break have come back relaxed and refreshed, and for those of you still on holiday, we wish you better weather than we're having right now.

The latest newsletter has been emailed to subscribers, along with results from Waikawa Beach and Battle Hill. We haven't quite got around to making the mailing list changes we'd intended, but we'll let you know when we manage to get ourselves organised.

Some of you may already be aware that the Turakina ride is to be transferred to another venue, still on the Turakina Valley Road, but not as far along it. This is due to the recent rains washing out the river crossings, rendering these unsafe. Even if that were not the case, with the current and forecast rain for the region there would still be a high risk of the ride being postponed due to flooding.

The alternative venue is another farm in the same area, which has a large stock and farm vehicle bridge over the river. The terrain is similar to Cluny Farm's but there is not as much trail through flat padocks before getting into the hills. The hills are mostly rolling, so there's quite a lot of up and down. As best we can tell it will be a good work-out but not as tough as our toughest rides.

Our main challenge will be getting a trail planned and marked in the time available, and the weather is not helping. We've been working with GPS data from previous exploratory rides and have a good idea of possible trails in Google Earth, but it's a matter of getting out there to see if they match up on the ground with what we think we see on our screens.

We'll keep you posted as soon as we have details, but for now, consider Turakina "on".

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