Saturday, 3 March 2012

Bright's Farm photos uploading

Bright's was a smaller ride this year, in part due to other equestrian events, and perhaps in part due to its reputation. However, 36 entries with no vet outs and all riders arriving home within 20 minutes of time on either side seems to suggest that the course was pitched at about the right level.

It's still a challenging course with more hill work than flat, but manageable given adequate time, so well done to those of you who gave it a go.

With less entries and only a short time out on course there is a smaller set of photos uploading than for some of our rides. I think I managed to see everyone somewhere on the course, and a few folk several times. The upload will run overnight and I'll take care of the house-keeping tasks in the morning.

Next up is Waitohu, another very challenging course, but again we will be doing our best to make sure it's do-able. For some it may be your last opportunity to qualify for Champs, so don't let it slip by.

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