Sunday, 4 March 2012

WATRC Blog layout updated

Just so you know, I've spent some time today updating the layout of the club blog using the new design tool for the site. In many ways the Blogger design tool is much the same as the Google Sites design tool (now there's a surprise not) but it has a few minor differences that mean it's not feasible to make the Blog pages look exactly like the webiste pages.

The chief motivation for me was my irritation at the old layout of the archive, with oldest posts being listed first and no ability to aggregate higher than monthly - with blog posts for 8 out of 12 months since late 2007, that made for quite a long list.

In the new layout, the archive is agregated monthly within year, most recent first, and all handled by a "gadget". On my laptop with a high def screen the new layout wastes a lot of screen real estate, but I'm conscious that many folk may still have older monitors and so the layout is designed with a 1024 pixel wide screen in mind - hope it works for everyone.

Anyway, if you just happened to be looking at the blog earlier today and noticed the layout changing through various unusual iterations, that was me grappling with the tool - my apologies - all fixed now.

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