Monday, 10 September 2012

Waitarere Postponed - First ride now Te Horo on 7 October

While the ride calendar always looks good on paper, the best laid plans ...

The committee took the opportunity presented by the Heart Rate training morning to hold their regular meeting immediately afterwards, and after discussion concluded with regret that Waitarere would have to be postponed.

We hope to be able to slot it into 25 November, subject to confirmation from the land owners.

So that means a reprieve for those of you who've been having difficulty preparing your horses due to the wet weather (more to come we're told) and now winds.

We're sorry to have to take this action, but it seemed better to do it now with plenty of notice, rather than pull the plug at the last minute leaving people no time to make alternative arrangements for that weekend.

Te Horo planning is coming along. This will be a beach ride with some dune trails included, and who doesn't love a beach ride. More details to come shortly, but early indications are for a 20 km and 30 km ride.

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