Sunday, 4 November 2012

Photos from Maymorn uploading

The photos are uploading now and will likely not finish until later this evening when I'll do the tagging and other finishing touches. You can take a peek at progress via the link in the photos page.

A smaller set this time than for the last ride, mainly down to the weather on the day. In light rain and overcast conditions it's more of a challenge to get nice shots as I'm having to minimise exposure of the camera to rain and push the settings to cope with the lower light.

As the weather improved during the day it certainly became easier, but if you look at the shots at full size you'll be able to see the raindrops.

I didn't make it down to the rail trail this year unfortunately - I dawddled through the forestry section deliberately - couldn't face the thought of having to sweat my way back up the hill in rainwear - maybe next year the sun will be out.

Hope you're all getting set for a great ride at Pukemarama. If you haven't pre-entered already, try out our new on-line pre-entries facility. There are links to the on-line form on the Calendar page. It's a great help to Junior if you can use this form as the fields capture exactly the information he needs to record your entry and give you your start time.

Maymorn results haven't yet been posted to the site - we're just waiting on final correction of some minor typos, and they shouldn't be much longer now.

See you at Pukemarama.

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