Monday, 24 December 2012

Points Competition - mid-season league tables released

We've just released the mid-year Top 10 standings in the club Points Competition - you can find them on the Results page.

Points are allocated to each qualifying combination of horse and rider, and tallied by class over each ride the combination enters. To qualify the combination must complete the course without elimination or vet-out, and the rider must be a club member. You'll note that some combinations have points in more than one class. Points accumulated in a class only count towards that class.

Points are awarded for distance and if there are more than four starters in a class, bonus points are awarded for place getters. At designated "Premier Points" rides additional bonus points are available.

The winning combination in each class is recognised at the end of season prize giving.

Take a look at the mid-season standings and plan the rest of your season.

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