Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Battle Hill photos uploading

In fact they've been uploading all day and I'm periodically checking the job to catch any glitches and restart the upload if needed. With a bit of luck I'll set the finishing touches to the job on Xmas day, but if not then, certainly on Boxing day.

The set is already linked from the photos page and less than 50 images to go, so take a peek even if the progress image is still displayed.

Results from Battle Hill were posted to the website some days ago but if you've missed them, check the results page.

Ride posters for Pukemarama and Turakina are linked in the Calendar.

For those of you who use the Online Pre-entries form, we've made a small change so that on submission of the form, you should receive an acknowledgement email at the email address you enter in the form - please ensure you enter a correct and valid email address.

This change follows the recent issue whereby three submitted entries for Battle Hill were not automatically notified to Junior and he was unaware of them until the entrants made inquiries about their ride out times.

When you press the submit button in the online pre-entries form, the details you supply are posted into an online spread-sheet and this event triggers a script that generates an email notification to Junior. It appears that although the entries were posted to the spread-sheet, in these three cases the script did not trigger, so no email was sent to Junior.

By modifying the script so that it also notifies the entrant we hope to learn of any similar problems sooner. If  you submit your entry and don't get an acknowledgement by email within a few minutes, let either the entries secretary or the webmaster know about it (email addresses are on our contacts page) and we can check things out.

Our apologies to those affected by the problem - we received no indication of any issues so we can only conclude there was a problem with Google's systems. Entries before and after those affected went through just fine so we're hoping it was just a transient problem that we won't see again.

Best wishes to everyone for the Xmas and New Year break, and we hope to see you at Pukemarama on 12 January.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Waitarere photos published

Upload of the Waitarere set completed over-night and is available now through the photos page as usual. Always a stunning venue, Sandy did a magnificent job of the trail, squeezing the full mileage out of the farms without access to the forest this year. We're very privileged to be allowed access to this venue and very fortunate to have someone who knows its trails so well.

Only a couple of days to go now until our next event, Battle Hill, and the wrap up of the first half of our season. A very different kind of trail after the flat and rolling country so far, Battle Hill is the first of our major hill rides. A hot day is forecast, and there is very limited water on the trail, so ride to the conditions and look after your horse.

Hope to see you there.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Maymorn photos uploading

A smaller set from Maymorn but I think I got everyone who made it out onto the course. Linked from the photos page as usual the set will probably be finalised tomorrow, but in the meantime you can still take a peek.

Results from Maymorn were published earlier in the week and also mailed to our email list subscribers along with the Duddings Lake poster, which is available on the Calendar.

Unfortunately, we're unlikely to make it to Duddings Lake ourselves, but it's a lovely area and we're sure you'll have a great time so do try to get there if you can.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Te Hapua Road Photos uploading

The upload of Te Hapua Road photos is a bit over half way as I write this and with luck it will run through to completion while I'm at work. Finishing touches will be applied over the weekend if I can't get them done tonight.

The set is linked from the photos page now with the usual "in progress" indicator, and the slide show won't work until I've applied tags, which I do once the whole set is available. I'm pretty sure I got everyone at least once so if you check from time to time through the day you should find some shots of your ride.

Sorry for the delay with this set - work and social commitments over the last 3 weeks had me wondering if I'd ever get to the end of it.

Keeping fingers crossed for good weather for Maymorn on Sunday - hope to see you there.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Te Hapua Road Results available

Te Hapua results are available on our website now. Photos will be a little longer due to work commitments but should be available before Maymorn on 3 November.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Waikawa Beach photos uploading - Maymorn ride poster released

The ever popular Waikawa Beach ride has got our season off to a flying start despite indifferent weather. Photos on the trail are uploading now and the upload will run through the night. With a morning appointment I probably won't get to finish off the set properly until evening but that won't stop you checking them out through the link from the photos page.

If you missed them, Waikawa Beach results are also available from our results page.

Looking ahead to Maymorn  the ride poster has been linked from the calendar.

Looking a little closer, it's now only days away until Te Hapua - another beach ride. Be sure to get your pre-entries in. The online pre-entries form is a convenient way to do this.

Incidentally, after comparing notes with Aimee and finding that not only had we both spoken to different people at the ride base about smoking, I discovered I'd snapped another person smoking out on the trail.

Please, absolutely no smoking around the ride base or on the trail. We can easily lose access to a venue simply through one person being seen smoking or thoughtlessly discarding butts.

By now you're likely aware that we've started hosting our mailing list in a cloud service, and Nicky has sent out an email alert in the last few days. If you didn't receive that email, first check your spam folder - you may need to tell your email software that our emails are not spam.

If you don't find it there, then chances are we've either lost your email address or you haven't accepted the invitation we sent to join the new mailing list. We've now revoked outstanding invitations so that people who don't want to join want be harassed by reminder emails.

If you want to join but don't have an invitation, all is not lost - you can join the mailing list at any time simply by sending email to
You will need to reply by email to the confirmation request, but it's that simple.

Hope to see you all at Te Hapua

Monday, 16 September 2013

We're moving our mailing list to the cloud

Following a hard drive failure that trashed Nicky's email address-book, we've dusted off our plans to migrate the list to a cloud service.

We've recreated a mailing list from backups, club membership contact details and other sources, but we know it may not be complete and some email addresses are out of date. However, it's a good starting point and we'll use what we've salvaged to seed the new service.

For the new mailing list we're using Google Groups and our group is called "WATRC-News". Although we're using the group primarily as a mailing list the archive of emails we post is public, and you can visit the group in your web browser if you need to refer back to an email you've since deleted from your Inbox. The archive can be found here https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/watrc-news . You don't need a Google ID to view this.

We describe WATRC-News as an "announce-only" mailing list - we've set it up so that only club officers can post to the list, so it's more like a bulletin board than a forum for the folk who are have used those. Each email will include the sender's address so that you can reply to them personally, just not to the mailing list.

By the end of this week you should receive an invitation to subscribe to WATRC-News. If you would like to continue to receive newsletters, ride flyers, results and announcements by email, please accept the invitation and follow the instructions in the email to accept.

If you prefer not to receive these emails, just ignore the invitation and we'll let it lapse.

If you don't receive the invitation email, you can still join the group by sending an email to watrc-news+subscribe@googlegroups.com and completing the confirmation procedure that will be emailed automatically to you.

Equally if you change your mind after you've joined, you can leave the group by sending email to watrc-news+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com

Every email sent to the mailing list will include that same information. We also have information  available on our website's Resources page.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Waitohu Photos published at last

Finally, weeks after the event, the photos from Waitohu are available through the usual link on our photos page. Sorry it's taken so long. When the season ends I have to change my weekend work priorities, my time available to do the edits shrinks and I have to chip away at it over a longer period.

Our next event is the AGM and Prizegiving to be held again at the Waikanae Chartered Club in Elizabeth St Waikanae. Bookings are essential for catering purposes. Please complete a booking if you'd like to attend - we have a form for you on the Calendar page.

Also, please consider submitting your nominations for the member voted awards - again you'll find a form in the Calendar.

Finally if you'd like to propose a change to club rules, to be voted on at AGM, you guessed it, we have a form for you on the Calendar page.

Anyway, when you're done with all your form filling, we hope we'll see you at the AGM and Prizegiving dinner ;-)

Monday, 8 April 2013

Waitohu results published (but where's the photos?)

So, with Waitohu our CTR season's a wrap - the results are now on our results page.

Photos are another story - if you've been wondering why nothing yet from Waikawa, the reason can be found in the four sets devoted to the 2013 Fiber Fresh ESNZ Endurance National Championships held at the National Equestrian Centre, Taupo over Easter, editing for the last day of which I completed early this afternoon with the set uploading as I write this.

Because of publishing deadlines I've had to set Waikawa aside while I completed the ESNZ commission, but rest assured I'll be back into it forthwith, with Waitohu following hard on the heels. Realistically I've got at least a couple of weeks work to do on these now that I have to go back to the day job but be assured I'll pump them out as quickly as I can.

While WATRC is not affiliated to ESNZ, it was nonetheless great to see a number of members and friends of the club there, along with colleagues from the Wairarapa and Ruahine clubs attending the event both as competitors and support crew. In particular it was very pleasing to see Angela Ibbottson and Skye Pilot take away the CTR championship - quite a step up to do Open speeds for 60km with vet gate from our usual WATRC rides and I add my congratulations to those already offered to Angela.

If you look at the Endurance results you'll note the very high vet out rate, which is not uncommon for Endurance events as the vet gate system works to protect the horses from more serious injury at the first sign of trouble. I made a point of visiting the on-course treatment clinic where horses vetted out for metabolic reasons are re-hydrated and otherwise assisted in their recovery - all were successfully treated.

Our next event will be our Prize Giving dinner and AGM about which there will be notices coming up in the near future. For now however I hope you're all laying in your supplies of hay and feed for what could be a difficult winter.

That's it for now - better be getting on with those photos ;-)

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Waikawa Results published

What a brilliant day for a ride on the beach - and who doesn't love a beach ride! And gentle-folks hours too - couldn't have been better.

The results are now available here.

Just one more ride to go now, with Waitohu wrapping up the season. Hope to see you all there.

Photos from Waikawa may be a little slower than usual coming out as I have a committment at the Endurance Nationals over Easter that will have to take precedence. I'll get them out as quickly as I can.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Champs Photos - late change of venue for next ride

Photos from Champs (Battle Hill) are on Flickr now and linked from the photos page. Some of the shots from the forest are a bit grainy and fuzzy, but it was great to get to that part of the trail again. Unfortunately I had to take a short-cut to get back to base in time and missed a few of the last riders out. I hope you'll make it to Waikawa and hope to catch you on the beach.

Which leads us into our late change - the drought in the Rangitikei area means we're unable to use the Rata venue this year. We've been very fortunate to be offered the use of our regular Waikawa Beach venue which was unavailable earlier in the year.

Because of the tides we're going to have a later start which will be a bonus for those of you who usually have to get up at 5am or earlier for our more distant rides. Details are in the calendar.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Waikawa.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Catch up - Bright's wrapped and ready for Champs

Just a last minute update for those of you who use the blog (our facebook group members know this stuff already)

At last, photos from Bright's are available on Flickr - link through the photos page as usual.
Also results from Bright's can be accessed on the results page.

Natalie Bickerton has made some brilliant shots from Manakau available to us in an album accessed through the club Facebook page, but you do have to be a Facebook member and sign up to the WATRC group to view the photos.

It's the eve of the Club Championships. Entries for the championships classes are closed and the draw has been finalised and emailed to competitors (you can find a link in the calendar if you lost the email) but you can still enter non-championship Novice and Novice Junior classes for a great ride around Battle Hill.

Hope to see you all there.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Manakau Results, Champs Poster and Entry forms

All uploaded and linked on the site.

Results for Manakau are posted here.

Ride poster for Champs (Battle Hill) can be found in the Calendar and and the Champs entry form can be found on our Resources page.

Remember that entries for Championship classes close on 1 March and both the horse and the rider must meet qualifying criteria.

There will be non-championship Novice and Junior classes as well so there's still a ride for you even if you haven't qualified.

If you only need one more ride to qualify, Bright's Farm on 24 February is our last event before champs.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Turakina Photos available on Flickr

You'll find a link to the Turakina set via the WATRC Photos page as usual.

Sorry it's taken so long - with only a week between Pikarere and Turakina and both rides with fine days and large fields it was always going to take some time, and Turakina has turned out quite a large set.

Unfortunately we've been unable to make the trip to Manakau, but at least that's allowed me to clear the backlog and I now have a couple of weeks break before Bright's Farm.

Turakina results were posted to the Results page a few days ago.

Hope you've all had a wonderful day at Manakau - sorry we couldn't be there to enjoy it with you.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Pikarere Photos now available on Flickr

After completing the edits last night I've left the upload running over night to a successful completion. Photos are now ordered and tagged and the usual link is now ready on the photos page.

I've made a start on the Turakina photos but they're unlikely to be done until next weekend.

Turakina results are just going through their final checks and should be available shortly.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Newsletter 156 published

The latest newsletter has been emailed to our mailing list and now posted to our News page. In what's a bit of a catch-up issue we have ride reports for the season so far, posters for the next two rides at Manakau and Bright's Farm, and some timely reminders on ride etiquette and the CTR rule that forward motion must be maintained at all times.

Hoping to have the results from Turakina in the next day or two.

Still working on the photos from Pikarere and hope to have them done over the weekend at the latest - haven't started on Turakina yet but will be going all out to get them done before Manakau.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Championships date and venue update

As often happens, we've had to revise the plans laid at the beginning of the season due to circumstances we could not have foreseen at the time. In this instance it's the championships we're having to move.

We've had to find an alternate venue and the best option available is Battle Hill. Unfortunately it's only available for a limited number of dates and we've had to bring the event forward by two weeks to 10 March, reducing by one the number of remaining qualifying rides.

If you're still looking to qualify for champs, you have 3 rides left to do it, including Turakina this weekend. Remember, you and the horse you ride in champs must have two qualifying rides in the class you wish to enter, so think about what class you want to ride at champs and plan your next rides to achieve that goal.

Results from Pikarere  have been placed into the results page. Photos are not likely to be ready before Turakina, sorry. Working on them but with the next ride only a week after the last, I'm going to be back-logged for a few weeks.