Thursday, 24 January 2013

Championships date and venue update

As often happens, we've had to revise the plans laid at the beginning of the season due to circumstances we could not have foreseen at the time. In this instance it's the championships we're having to move.

We've had to find an alternate venue and the best option available is Battle Hill. Unfortunately it's only available for a limited number of dates and we've had to bring the event forward by two weeks to 10 March, reducing by one the number of remaining qualifying rides.

If you're still looking to qualify for champs, you have 3 rides left to do it, including Turakina this weekend. Remember, you and the horse you ride in champs must have two qualifying rides in the class you wish to enter, so think about what class you want to ride at champs and plan your next rides to achieve that goal.

Results from Pikarere  have been placed into the results page. Photos are not likely to be ready before Turakina, sorry. Working on them but with the next ride only a week after the last, I'm going to be back-logged for a few weeks.

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