Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Champs Photos - late change of venue for next ride

Photos from Champs (Battle Hill) are on Flickr now and linked from the photos page. Some of the shots from the forest are a bit grainy and fuzzy, but it was great to get to that part of the trail again. Unfortunately I had to take a short-cut to get back to base in time and missed a few of the last riders out. I hope you'll make it to Waikawa and hope to catch you on the beach.

Which leads us into our late change - the drought in the Rangitikei area means we're unable to use the Rata venue this year. We've been very fortunate to be offered the use of our regular Waikawa Beach venue which was unavailable earlier in the year.

Because of the tides we're going to have a later start which will be a bonus for those of you who usually have to get up at 5am or earlier for our more distant rides. Details are in the calendar.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Waikawa.

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