Monday, 8 April 2013

Waitohu results published (but where's the photos?)

So, with Waitohu our CTR season's a wrap - the results are now on our results page.

Photos are another story - if you've been wondering why nothing yet from Waikawa, the reason can be found in the four sets devoted to the 2013 Fiber Fresh ESNZ Endurance National Championships held at the National Equestrian Centre, Taupo over Easter, editing for the last day of which I completed early this afternoon with the set uploading as I write this.

Because of publishing deadlines I've had to set Waikawa aside while I completed the ESNZ commission, but rest assured I'll be back into it forthwith, with Waitohu following hard on the heels. Realistically I've got at least a couple of weeks work to do on these now that I have to go back to the day job but be assured I'll pump them out as quickly as I can.

While WATRC is not affiliated to ESNZ, it was nonetheless great to see a number of members and friends of the club there, along with colleagues from the Wairarapa and Ruahine clubs attending the event both as competitors and support crew. In particular it was very pleasing to see Angela Ibbottson and Skye Pilot take away the CTR championship - quite a step up to do Open speeds for 60km with vet gate from our usual WATRC rides and I add my congratulations to those already offered to Angela.

If you look at the Endurance results you'll note the very high vet out rate, which is not uncommon for Endurance events as the vet gate system works to protect the horses from more serious injury at the first sign of trouble. I made a point of visiting the on-course treatment clinic where horses vetted out for metabolic reasons are re-hydrated and otherwise assisted in their recovery - all were successfully treated.

Our next event will be our Prize Giving dinner and AGM about which there will be notices coming up in the near future. For now however I hope you're all laying in your supplies of hay and feed for what could be a difficult winter.

That's it for now - better be getting on with those photos ;-)

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