Monday, 16 September 2013

We're moving our mailing list to the cloud

Following a hard drive failure that trashed Nicky's email address-book, we've dusted off our plans to migrate the list to a cloud service.

We've recreated a mailing list from backups, club membership contact details and other sources, but we know it may not be complete and some email addresses are out of date. However, it's a good starting point and we'll use what we've salvaged to seed the new service.

For the new mailing list we're using Google Groups and our group is called "WATRC-News". Although we're using the group primarily as a mailing list the archive of emails we post is public, and you can visit the group in your web browser if you need to refer back to an email you've since deleted from your Inbox. The archive can be found here!forum/watrc-news . You don't need a Google ID to view this.

We describe WATRC-News as an "announce-only" mailing list - we've set it up so that only club officers can post to the list, so it's more like a bulletin board than a forum for the folk who are have used those. Each email will include the sender's address so that you can reply to them personally, just not to the mailing list.

By the end of this week you should receive an invitation to subscribe to WATRC-News. If you would like to continue to receive newsletters, ride flyers, results and announcements by email, please accept the invitation and follow the instructions in the email to accept.

If you prefer not to receive these emails, just ignore the invitation and we'll let it lapse.

If you don't receive the invitation email, you can still join the group by sending an email to and completing the confirmation procedure that will be emailed automatically to you.

Equally if you change your mind after you've joined, you can leave the group by sending email to

Every email sent to the mailing list will include that same information. We also have information  available on our website's Resources page.

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