Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Waikawa Beach photos uploading - Maymorn ride poster released

The ever popular Waikawa Beach ride has got our season off to a flying start despite indifferent weather. Photos on the trail are uploading now and the upload will run through the night. With a morning appointment I probably won't get to finish off the set properly until evening but that won't stop you checking them out through the link from the photos page.

If you missed them, Waikawa Beach results are also available from our results page.

Looking ahead to Maymorn  the ride poster has been linked from the calendar.

Looking a little closer, it's now only days away until Te Hapua - another beach ride. Be sure to get your pre-entries in. The online pre-entries form is a convenient way to do this.

Incidentally, after comparing notes with Aimee and finding that not only had we both spoken to different people at the ride base about smoking, I discovered I'd snapped another person smoking out on the trail.

Please, absolutely no smoking around the ride base or on the trail. We can easily lose access to a venue simply through one person being seen smoking or thoughtlessly discarding butts.

By now you're likely aware that we've started hosting our mailing list in a cloud service, and Nicky has sent out an email alert in the last few days. If you didn't receive that email, first check your spam folder - you may need to tell your email software that our emails are not spam.

If you don't find it there, then chances are we've either lost your email address or you haven't accepted the invitation we sent to join the new mailing list. We've now revoked outstanding invitations so that people who don't want to join want be harassed by reminder emails.

If you want to join but don't have an invitation, all is not lost - you can join the mailing list at any time simply by sending email to
You will need to reply by email to the confirmation request, but it's that simple.

Hope to see you all at Te Hapua

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