Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Battle Hill photos uploading

In fact they've been uploading all day and I'm periodically checking the job to catch any glitches and restart the upload if needed. With a bit of luck I'll set the finishing touches to the job on Xmas day, but if not then, certainly on Boxing day.

The set is already linked from the photos page and less than 50 images to go, so take a peek even if the progress image is still displayed.

Results from Battle Hill were posted to the website some days ago but if you've missed them, check the results page.

Ride posters for Pukemarama and Turakina are linked in the Calendar.

For those of you who use the Online Pre-entries form, we've made a small change so that on submission of the form, you should receive an acknowledgement email at the email address you enter in the form - please ensure you enter a correct and valid email address.

This change follows the recent issue whereby three submitted entries for Battle Hill were not automatically notified to Junior and he was unaware of them until the entrants made inquiries about their ride out times.

When you press the submit button in the online pre-entries form, the details you supply are posted into an online spread-sheet and this event triggers a script that generates an email notification to Junior. It appears that although the entries were posted to the spread-sheet, in these three cases the script did not trigger, so no email was sent to Junior.

By modifying the script so that it also notifies the entrant we hope to learn of any similar problems sooner. If  you submit your entry and don't get an acknowledgement by email within a few minutes, let either the entries secretary or the webmaster know about it (email addresses are on our contacts page) and we can check things out.

Our apologies to those affected by the problem - we received no indication of any issues so we can only conclude there was a problem with Google's systems. Entries before and after those affected went through just fine so we're hoping it was just a transient problem that we won't see again.

Best wishes to everyone for the Xmas and New Year break, and we hope to see you at Pukemarama on 12 January.

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