Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Battle Hill results and photos

If you haven't spotted them already, check the Results page and the Photos page for the last updates of 2014.

Our first event of 2015 is a new venue at Rata on 11 January - directions and a ride poster can be found on the Calendar page.

Enjoy your Christmas and stay safe through the New Year.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Pukemarama results and photos published

Another ride wrapped - everything in the usual places - Results here and a link to the photos here.

Also the December newsletter has been posted to the email list or you can view it on-line here.
We had a number of "Days of our Rides" volunteers, and I'm sure you'll see how much more interesting they make the newsletter. If you'd like to contribute, just let Leslie know. If you're shoulder tapped, please seriously consider making the effort.

Just a few days now until Battle Hill, our last ride of 2014. The ride poster is included in the newsletter or you can find it on the Calendar page.

Hope to see you there.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Waikawa Beach - Photos uploading

The upload will take some hours but can be accessed in the meantime if you just can't wait. Our Photos page has been updated. Once the upload is complete the page will be updated with the cover photo as usual.

Results are available on our results page as well.

Remember to get your pre-entries in for Pukemarama. There are directions to the ride venue on our Calendar page.

Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Monday, 10 November 2014

Newsletter 170 posted

If you're a subscriber, this should have arrived in your Inbox already.

Otherwise, you can find it on our News page.

To subscribe, send email to watrc-news+subscribe@googlegroups.com and reply to the confirmation request (check your spam folder if nothing turns up in your Inbox within 10 minutes)
If you have problems confirming, refer to the information here: https://sites.google.com/site/watrcnz/resources#ClubMailingList
If you're really stuck and nothing seems to work, send email to watrc.webmaster@gmail.com

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Maymorn Results and Photos, Waikawa Beach ride flyer published

Maymorn had a very good turn-out despite the dire weather predictions, and everyone made it home safely if a little wind-blown. Confirmed results posted in the usual place and photos just uploaded and the set linked today.

We have ride flyers for the next ride at Waikawa Beach on 16 November and the ride following at Pukemarama on 30 November - find them both on our Calendar page.

Now that the Maymorn photos are done, I'll get back to the rest of the Te Hapua ride. Still some nice shots to come from that batch and I'll advise when the set is finally complete.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Te Hapua - Results and Photos (Part 1)

Results were posted a few days ago and can be found on the results page as usual.

I took so many photos at Te Hapua that it's unlikely I'll have the full set ready before Maymorn, so I've released a first instalment. I think I've managed to find the point at which the last rider out has gone by, so there should be a photo for everyone.

Lots more to come but it may not be until after Maymorn.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Waitarere wrapped - results and photos published

The combination of bad weather with a worse forecast to come and a brutally early start on day one of daylight saving meant a lot of folk pulled out and the turnout at Waitarere was much lower than pre-entries led us to expect.

Results are available on the website and a small photoset has been linked from the photos page.

It looks like the slideshow gadget may be broken - possibly it's no longer available. I'll give it a few weeks but if it doesn't get fixed and I can't find a substitute then I'll remove it. There's equivalent functionality in Flickr itself  that may serve.

Photography on the day was a bit of a challenge. Mostly taken from the shelter of the car - water doesn't play nice with cameras and lenses - the results are a bit grainy and lots show rain speckles if you look at the image full size. It's not so much that the rain was heavy, but it was certainly persistent. That's just how it was. At least the forecast gales came to nothing.

Fingers crossed for a glorious beach ride at Te Hapua on the 19th.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Newsletter 168 contains Waitarere ride poster and the new season ride calendar

And it's been posted to the mailing list and posted on the club website's News page.

To receive our emails in your Inbox, subscribe to WATRC-News by sending email to
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Although it is possible to confirm using the button in the verification request email, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND you follow the process outlined above (SEND a request email, REPLY to the confirmation email).

If you use the button in the email but are advised that you can't join the mailing list, then you MUST use the process outlined above.

You can find out more by visiting our website at:

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Newsletter 167 posted to club website

Look for it as usual on the News page. This issue includes the annual President's Report from our out-going President, Aimee, along with the list of Awards conferred at Prizegiving, and minutes of the AGM including the outcome of the remits submitted for consideration by members.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Remits for consideration at AGM

Freshly posted to our Resources page and available for download and printing as a PDF file, please review and consider these remits and either attend AGM to vote on them or submit a written proxy vote on the remits as tabled. State clearly whether you wish to cast your vote for or against each individual remit.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Newsletter 166 Posted

If you're a subscriber, look for the newsletter in your Inbox.

Otherwise, download from our Newsletters page on the club website.

This issue contains a nomination form for the member voted awards to be presented at the AGM and Prizegiving late in June.

Also, a remit form for any rule changes you'd like to submit for consideration at AGM.

Completed nominations and remits must be in the hands of the Secretary no later than 1 June, but note only club members can submit these.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Finally, Photos from Champs uploaded to Flickr

It's been quite a few years since I've been able to get to the top of Battle Hill and back to base in the time  available to me. With Dove doing a novice and Liz's brilliant variation on the course to add some extra length, I found I had the time this year and made the most of it.

By skipping the farm section and heading straight up the Puketiro loop to Water Point One I found myself well placed to see most riders twice. A similar shortcut on the way back got me to the finish line in comfortable time.

Consequently, a lot of photos taken and part of the reason for the delay in getting them published. Sorry for that.

Photo's now linked from the photos page.

So, that's the last ride for the season. Our AGM and Prize Giving will be held in late June - date and venue to be advised - keep an eye on Facebook, our website or subscribe to our newsletter to get the updates.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Bright's Farm Photos available on Flickr

Uploaded last night but I've only just had time to update the Photos page.

While doing so I've found the slide show widget on the photos page is broken, and researching the cause I think it's likely due to recent (in the last week) changes to the Flickr service and the modes they offer for photo sharing.

At some time before the start of the next season I'll check to see if there's a replacement widget we can use, but if not I'll just rip the old code out and we can do without it.

Also, if you're a regular visitor to Flickr you'll have noticed the new presentation format for individual photos, what Flickr are calling their "New Photo Experience". The download process is still there but one step removed, so it looks like I'll need to update the download instructions as well.

The thing to remember is the "three dots" (...). With the selected image displayed, look for them in the image properties area on the right. Click on them to see the menu of actions you can take. Choose "Download / All sizes". This will open another dialog that lets you select one of 5 popular image resolutions and download the image. You'll also find the "View all sizes" feature that takes you to the old style page with the full 12 resolutions.

Remember, if you want to print an image, take "Original" for best quality. For display on a website, choose the resolution that best fits your screen or the webpage or document you want to build - the lower resolution files are smaller and will load faster.

As a general principle for image publishing, you're better to select a little higher resolution than you need and resize it to make it smaller, than you are to take a smaller image and try to blow it up or stretch it (the quality will definitely suffer).

Hope you're all looking forward to Champs - See you on the trail.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Newsletter 165 posted - Bright's Farm results published

Newsletter 165 was mailed today and will be in your Inbox if you've subscribed. It's also been posted to the News page of our website.

Because we use a cloud based mailing group, joining the club does not automatically get you onto the emailing list. You need to join that too, using the "double opt-in" process that such services require.

That means you have to request to join (by sending an email to the subscription address, the first "opt-in") and then confirm that you really do wish to join (by replying to the confirmation email, the second "opt-in").

Double opt-in prevents someone else subscribing your email address to a mailing list and using the list to send you spam.

Subscribe by sending email to
and then reply to the confirmation email address. If it doesn't turn up within minutes, check your spam or junk mail folder.

We've got more information about the process on our Resources page. We've included those details in the latest newsletter too, so if someone you know isn't getting the newsletter, please forward yours to them so they can join for themselves.

Checked and confirmed results from Bright's Farm are now on our Results page.

Champs are only a week away now. That will be the last ride for our season so we hope you can make it. Championship classes are now closed to entries, but the non-Champs classes can still be entered right up until the day. You'll find the Newsletter includes the ride poster, which can also be found on the Calendar page, and you can pre-enter using our online pre-entries form.

See you there.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Waitohu Photos uploading

The usual deal - upload will run over-night, provided the wild weather doesn't break the Internet, and I'll finalise the set sometime on Monday.

There's already a link on our photos page and the upload has past past the point I saw the last riders out, so there should be something for everyone, and what's left to load will be of the riders I saw on two, or in some cases three parts of the course.

I hope to see you all at the re-scheduled Bright's Farm ride on Sunday 23 March.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Bright's postponed - Waitohu Results published

We hate postponing rides, but sometimes it's just the best thing to do, and the earlier we do it the better. So, Bright's has been re-scheduled for 23 March, just one week later and here's hoping for a day without the current risk of high winds and heavy rain.

The Calendar and ride poster have been updated, as has the pre-entries form. If you had other commitments this weekend but are free on the 23rd, then go ahead and put in your pre-entry.
If you've pre-entered for the 16th but can't make the 23rd, please drop Junior a line and let him know. We're really sorry to have disrupted people's plans, but we'd rather you were battening the hatches  and staying safe at home than risking life and limb on the road or on the trail.

Results from Waitohu are available, but photos are still some way off - at least I have another week to get them done before the next ride.

Hope to see you at the re-scheduled Bright's ride on the 23rd

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Pikarere results and photos published

Results can be found here and a link to the photoset here.

The next two Sundays are going to be busy, with Waitohu (Otaki) on 9 March followed by Bright's Farm (Paraparaumu) on 16 March. These are both challenging hill rides with great views over the Kapiti coast. They're also good preparation for the WATRC Championships coming up on 6 April at Battle Hill.

If you have Google Earth installed, take a look at our trail profiles - the KMZ files are designed to open in Google Earth. Just be aware that our trail profiles are based on past courses and may differ from the course on the day, but the do give you a pretty good idea of the kind of country you'll encounter.

See you at Waitohu.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Newsletter and ride posters published (and how to get them in your Inbox)

Those of you who have joined the newsletter subscription list should find Newsletter 164 and the ride posters for Waitohu (9 March) and Bright's Farm (16 March) in your inboxes. If not, check your spam folder.

Those of you who prefer to find our information updates on our website, check the News page and the Calendar, where you will find links to the same PDF files.

If you're not on the newsletter subscription list and would like to be, the process to join is simple but you need to do it. Here's how:

Send a blank email to watrc-news+subscribe@googlegroups.com
You will get back a request to confirm your subscription (if you don't, check your spam folder)
Reply to this confirmation request - that will confirm your subscription. That's it - you're in.
Look for future emails with the tag "[watrc-news]" in the subject - that's us.

The Google service we use for the mailing list allows anyone to join but requires a "double opt in" procedure to ensure your email address was provided by you - that's why you have to do this - we can't do it for you.
If you get stuck, check our detailed instructions.

Still working on the photos from Pikarere.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Manakau Photos uploading

Photos should complete  upload over the next few hours. The set is linked from the photos page now and I should have the finishing touches done in the morning if all goes well.

Manakau results have also been published.

Hope to see you all at Pikarere on Sunday.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Photos from Turakina uploading

Upload is in progress now and should complete this evening if all goes well. A recent broadband upgrade means each image is now only taking about 10 seconds to upload - smokin' !!

The link to the set is on the photos page and I hope to set up the cover image and tags for the slide show later tonight.

The forecast for Sunday is looking good so we'll hope to see you on the trail at Manakau

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Pukemarama photos and results

After some false starts with uploads, the photos from Pukemarama are finally on line and the sets tagged and linked. Earlier in the week the finalised results were also posted.

Hope to see you all at Turakina this weekend

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Newsletter 162 posted

Newsletter 162 has been emailed to subscribers and is now posted to the club's website. Included in the latest issue is the half year top 10 standings in the WATRC points competition.

Also included are ride flyers for Pukemarama (this weekend) and Turakina. These are also available through links in the Calendar

For riders considering the Open class at Turakina, we've included an explanation of the vet-gate system for multi-loop rides. Turakina Open will run as a 2-lop vet-gate ride and is worth considering for any riders aiming for the WATRC Open Challenge at club championships later this year.

We hope everyone has had a pleasant Xmas and New Year break, despite the very mixed weather we've had throughout. At this stage it looks like we're in for a wet week but the weekend looks promising - fingers crossed.