Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Newsletter and ride posters published (and how to get them in your Inbox)

Those of you who have joined the newsletter subscription list should find Newsletter 164 and the ride posters for Waitohu (9 March) and Bright's Farm (16 March) in your inboxes. If not, check your spam folder.

Those of you who prefer to find our information updates on our website, check the News page and the Calendar, where you will find links to the same PDF files.

If you're not on the newsletter subscription list and would like to be, the process to join is simple but you need to do it. Here's how:

Send a blank email to
You will get back a request to confirm your subscription (if you don't, check your spam folder)
Reply to this confirmation request - that will confirm your subscription. That's it - you're in.
Look for future emails with the tag "[watrc-news]" in the subject - that's us.

The Google service we use for the mailing list allows anyone to join but requires a "double opt in" procedure to ensure your email address was provided by you - that's why you have to do this - we can't do it for you.
If you get stuck, check our detailed instructions.

Still working on the photos from Pikarere.

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