Monday, 31 March 2014

Bright's Farm Photos available on Flickr

Uploaded last night but I've only just had time to update the Photos page.

While doing so I've found the slide show widget on the photos page is broken, and researching the cause I think it's likely due to recent (in the last week) changes to the Flickr service and the modes they offer for photo sharing.

At some time before the start of the next season I'll check to see if there's a replacement widget we can use, but if not I'll just rip the old code out and we can do without it.

Also, if you're a regular visitor to Flickr you'll have noticed the new presentation format for individual photos, what Flickr are calling their "New Photo Experience". The download process is still there but one step removed, so it looks like I'll need to update the download instructions as well.

The thing to remember is the "three dots" (...). With the selected image displayed, look for them in the image properties area on the right. Click on them to see the menu of actions you can take. Choose "Download / All sizes". This will open another dialog that lets you select one of 5 popular image resolutions and download the image. You'll also find the "View all sizes" feature that takes you to the old style page with the full 12 resolutions.

Remember, if you want to print an image, take "Original" for best quality. For display on a website, choose the resolution that best fits your screen or the webpage or document you want to build - the lower resolution files are smaller and will load faster.

As a general principle for image publishing, you're better to select a little higher resolution than you need and resize it to make it smaller, than you are to take a smaller image and try to blow it up or stretch it (the quality will definitely suffer).

Hope you're all looking forward to Champs - See you on the trail.

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