Friday, 28 March 2014

Newsletter 165 posted - Bright's Farm results published

Newsletter 165 was mailed today and will be in your Inbox if you've subscribed. It's also been posted to the News page of our website.

Because we use a cloud based mailing group, joining the club does not automatically get you onto the emailing list. You need to join that too, using the "double opt-in" process that such services require.

That means you have to request to join (by sending an email to the subscription address, the first "opt-in") and then confirm that you really do wish to join (by replying to the confirmation email, the second "opt-in").

Double opt-in prevents someone else subscribing your email address to a mailing list and using the list to send you spam.

Subscribe by sending email to
and then reply to the confirmation email address. If it doesn't turn up within minutes, check your spam or junk mail folder.

We've got more information about the process on our Resources page. We've included those details in the latest newsletter too, so if someone you know isn't getting the newsletter, please forward yours to them so they can join for themselves.

Checked and confirmed results from Bright's Farm are now on our Results page.

Champs are only a week away now. That will be the last ride for our season so we hope you can make it. Championship classes are now closed to entries, but the non-Champs classes can still be entered right up until the day. You'll find the Newsletter includes the ride poster, which can also be found on the Calendar page, and you can pre-enter using our online pre-entries form.

See you there.

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