Friday, 10 October 2014

Waitarere wrapped - results and photos published

The combination of bad weather with a worse forecast to come and a brutally early start on day one of daylight saving meant a lot of folk pulled out and the turnout at Waitarere was much lower than pre-entries led us to expect.

Results are available on the website and a small photoset has been linked from the photos page.

It looks like the slideshow gadget may be broken - possibly it's no longer available. I'll give it a few weeks but if it doesn't get fixed and I can't find a substitute then I'll remove it. There's equivalent functionality in Flickr itself  that may serve.

Photography on the day was a bit of a challenge. Mostly taken from the shelter of the car - water doesn't play nice with cameras and lenses - the results are a bit grainy and lots show rain speckles if you look at the image full size. It's not so much that the rain was heavy, but it was certainly persistent. That's just how it was. At least the forecast gales came to nothing.

Fingers crossed for a glorious beach ride at Te Hapua on the 19th.

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