Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Kapiti Bridleways newsletter distributed to our email list

For those of you not on our email list (details of how to join can be found on our Resources page), the December newsletter from Kapiti Bridleways can be found in their Google Drive. There is more information that may be of interest to members to be found in the NZ Horse Network Blog.

We've added a permanent link to their blog on our own Links page so that you can find it in future.
They also have their own Facebook Group and a Google+ presence.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Calendar Updates

We've just confirmed the Champs Venue - the event will be held at Te Hapua Road. We've changed the date to ensure we get the tides right. Many members will already be familiar with the Te Hapua Road venue and the trail we use. It should be a great ride to finish the competition season.

Champs will now be held on April 3 and swaps places with our Bright's Farm event, that will now be held on March 20.

First WATRC ride in the new year is at Leedstown Road, Rata on January 10 - we should have the ride poster later this week.

Check our Calendar page for updates.

Ahead of that is the inaugural RADRs event to be held at Raumai / Santoft on January 3. They're putting on a range of events for all levels of experience and it should be a great day. Check their Facebook page for details.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Battle Hill results published - photos uploading s l o o o o w l y

Battle Hill enjoyed excellent conditions for a tough hill ride, with cool overcast weather and only a little drizzle in the early stages. Results can be found on our results page.

Photo upload is proving to be a challenge with images taking several minutes each (usually they only take a little over half a minute each) so it remains to be seen how long it will take to complete the album.

The Photos page has been updated with a link to the album, but if you're looking for photos taken late in the ride it may be a day or two before it gets to you. This estimate based on the total failure to upload on Sunday night followed by paint dryingly slow upload during the business day and so far this evening.

If everything keeps going, even slowly, it will get there in the end, but if it goes too slowly and times out, or there's a network outage between me and Flickr, it's a question of how long until I notice and can restart the upload.

Update: Things turned around over night and the photos upload is complete.

This wraps up the first half of the season. Our first ride in the New Year is a Rata / Leedstown on 10 January - a venue well placed for our northern riders. A ride poster will be published prior to the event.

Ahead of that, our sister club RADRs are putting on their event at Raumai / Santoft. You can check out the details on their Facebook page.

Until the next event, have a safe and festive holiday season.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Waikawa Beach Photos uploading

Photos from the Waikawa Beach ride are uploading and the upload will continue over-night. Some time during Saturday the album will be finalised. You can check out the photos as the upload progresses. Find the link on our Photos page as usual.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Waikawa Beach results posted to our website

The Waikawa Beach results can be found on our Results page as usual.

The Battle Hill ride poster was released earlier in the week and can be found in the Calendar.
Pre-entries for this event are due by 9:00 pm on Wednesday 2 December.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Waikawa Beach - Pre-entries close 9:00 pm Wednesday 18 November

The Waikawa Beach ride poster has been released and a link can be found in our Calendar.

Following just a week after Pukemarama, pre-entries for Long Intermediate and Open classes will need to be submitted a little sooner after the previous ride than usual.

We encourage pre-entries for all classes as it makes our entries secretary's job much easier, especially at popular rides that attract large fields. There's an online pre-entries form available for your convenience.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Bulls Photos by Andrea Ropiha uploading

Andrea's photos from the Bulls ride are uploading and the complete album should be available some time in the small hours of Tuesday, all going well.

You can view the album as it loads from the link on our Photos page. The photos are stored in an album belonging to the club Flickr account.

We're very grateful to Andrea for stepping into the breach at this, her third time photographing our Bulls event. She does a great job.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Bulls results, Calendar update, and new look Homepage

We've just uploaded the Bulls results to our Results page - this is always a popular ride and well situated for both WATRC and RADRs members and was well attended. We're still hoping to receive the photos from the event and we'll get those published as soon as they're available. There's a small preview sample on our Facebook page if you've not yet seen them.

We're fortunate to have been offered the use of a Wainuiomata trail, and we've scheduled this in place of the unconfirmed Whitemans Valley ride on 24 January. The last time Wainuiomata was in our calendar was November 2010 and it will be wonderful to get back there to fabulous views over the harbour and, on a good day, the northernmost snowcaps of the Kaikouras.

We've also updated  our homepage, removing most of the static content and replacing it with a feed of the most recent posts to this blog. We hope this will make the homepage more topical and useful to site visitors and club members. The navigation side bar is unchanged and our other pages will remain as they are for now. We don't have a newsletter editor at the moment, so we'll mainly be communicating through the website, our Facebook group and the email group.

Pukemarama is our next ride on Sunday 15 November with fun fast trails over flat farmland. Enjoy.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Waitarere photos available

The first two rides of the season are now done and dusted. Always popular, Te Hapua had a good turn out despite indifferent weather, mercifully warmer and less windy than anticipated.

Waitarere was less well attended, perhaps due to forecast strong winds (which were less severe than forecast) and persistent drizzle (which certainly persisted).

Links to the albums from both rides can be found on our Photos page as usual, and Results have likewise been published for both events.

Our next two ride venues straddle the Rangitikei River. Parewanui Road (Bulls) is on the north side, and Tangimoana Road (Pukemarama) is on the south. Our Wellington based photographer is unable to make it to these rides and we're hoping to find a local photographer or a willing club member to record one or both events.

Friday, 31 July 2015

Updated ride rules and draft 2015/16 calendar released

Following the passing of remits at AGM the WATRC Committee has now approved the updated ride rules for release. You can find the updated rules on our Resources page ). For anyone who wishes to review the changes, a version of the updated rules with the changes marked along with the original remits presented at AGM can be found in the downloadable resources directory )

The Committee has also released the draft ride calendar for the 2015/16 season. This will be subject to further updates as individual dates and venues are confirmed. Check it out on our Calendar page ).

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Remits and Proxy Voting Form for AGM 2015 on our Resources page

Hi folks

We've made the 2015 Remits available for download on our Resources page (, along with a proxy voting form if you are a member but unable to attend AGM. You'll find instructions for completing and submitting your voting form in the form itself.

AGM is on Sunday 28 June at the Waikanae Chartered Club at 4:30 pm. You can find details and directions in the Calendar (

If you're attending AGM, please review the remits in advance and arrive before time to ensure you've found a seat before the 4:30pm start - there's a lot to get through and we'll need to keep things moving along.

If you're staying for the dinner and prize-giving, please ensure you've registered and paid. Sunday 21 June is the last day to do so.

We hope to see you at AGM, but if not we hope we'll receive your proxy vote. It's your club, so please take the time to have your say.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Remit forms for AGM

At our Annual General Meeting, to be held at 4:30 pm on Sunday 28 June at the Waikanae Chartered Club members will consider any remits submitted. ( )

Remits are used to propose changes to the clubs rules, and members will consider the proposals and vote on them.

To ensure that the impact of any proposed rule changes are clear, we've redesigned the remit form to include instructions for drafting your remit, an example of what a finished remit should look like, and the layout that you should use when drafting your remit. ( )

Anyone can draft a remit, but only financial members of the club can propose or second a remit or vote on it at AGM.

The closing date for submission of remits is 12 June.

Prior to AGM all remits that meet the criteria will be circulated to members so that they can be considered before being presented at the meeting for discussion and voting.

If you submit a remit, it's advised to ensure that someone will attend AGM to speak to on behalf of the remit.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

News letter 175 published

Find it on our Newsletter page )

Included in this issue are details for the AGM and Prize-giving dinner to be held on Sunday 28 June at the Waikanae Chartered Club - details can be found on our Calendar page )

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Rata (Champs) photos uploading

Finally caught up, and the Rata photos can be found on the club photos page ) as they upload. You'll know the set is complete when I update the cover photo.

The heavy overcast on the day forced me to increase the ISO setting. The photos are consequently a little grainier than I prefer, and the stunning landscapes are a bit fuzzy and soft edged.

Also my later start meant I missed the first few riders out and didn't see much of them on the course - sorry guys - if we use that course in future I now have the shortcuts sussed and there will be no escape ;-)

The final batch of photos from Bulls (Marton School Fundraiser) taken by Andrea should go up next week. I'm just waiting on them to turn up in the post.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Partial set of Bright's Farm photos uploading

With the third event in 3 consecutive weekends coming up tomorrow, it's been a busy old time, and still more to come.

Over Easter I was photographing the Fiber Fresh Endurance Nationals at Taupo, and with various magazine publishing deadlines to consider, I've had to concentrate on that event to the exclusion of all else. Consequently, the Bright's Farm set is still a work in progress.

Having completed the Endurance sets, I've got Bright's to the stage where I think I've seen and photographed everyone at least once, and a partial set is now uploading. The rest will come over the next week, and then I'll start the Club Champs Rata set and hopefully wrap the season before winter.

Photos as they load can be accessed from the photos page ( as usual.

If you missed them, the results can be found on the Results page (

Fingers crossed for a fine day at Rata, and I hope to see you on the trail. Because of the travel it may be a later start for us than usual, but Leslie and I do intend to get there.


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Newsletter 174 posted

If you're on our mailing list you've probably already got it. Otherwise, look for it on our News page (

It's great to see the news letter filled out with member contributions to "The days of our rides". Thanks to everyone who has shared their experiences - the news letter is all the better for it.

Bright's on Sunday is the last ride before Champs. Another challenging hill ride but again with great views over the Kapiti coast. Hope you can make it.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Bright's poster updated, Waitohu photos uploading

A revised ride poster for Bright's Farm has been sent to the news letter mailing list and uploaded to the website. The chief difference is in the course distances for McCready Civil and Junior classes which have been lengthened to 20km. You can find a link to the poster on our Calendar page ).

Waitohu photos are uploading but will likely take all night at the present rate, and that's assuming no break-downs. There's a link to the album on our Photos page ). I probably won't get time to update the cover page and photo tags until Monday evening, but with luck the whole set will be uploaded before then.

Expect a newsletter in the next few days.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Pikarere photos uploading

Once again I'm failing to meet my deadline of completing the last set before the next event, and so, again I'm uploading what I have ready and will complete the set when I can.

In fact it worked out quite well last time as with the part set of Manakau uploading in the background I was able to concentrate on finishing the edits and when I got home from Pikarere they were ready to upload.

Fingers crossed for a fine day tomorrow at Waitohu. A challenging course at any time, with the extra length, new trails and possibly slippery going on the hills you'll need to look after your horses and yourselves. Have fun, stay dry (if you can), stay safe, and smile for the photographer ;-)

See you there.

Oh, and here's a link to the Photos page )

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Newsletter 173 posted, Manakau photos uploading

If you're on our newsletter emailing list then you already have the newsletter, but if not you can download a copy from our News page (

Photos from Manakau are uploading as I write, but even when the upload is done, this is not quite the complete set from Manakau. The very large field (over 90 competitors) and being out on the trail for nearly six ours meant I got about double the number of shots I normally would, and it's been a struggle to make my self imposed deadline of getting the last set published before the next ride.
With Pikarere tomorrow and still over 500 images to work through I've opted to publish now and complete the set as time allows.

If you were an early starter, chances are you'll find photos of yourself. If you saw me at or before the junction of the small inner loop after rounding the lake, you're in, and that's most of you. Very late starters who hadn't seen me until after the second ford will probably have to wait.

Sorry for the delay - life and the day job keep getting in the way. The usual link is on our Photos page. (

Hope to see many of you at Pikarere.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Manakau Results and Bulls Photos available now

Manakau results are now available on the Results page.

Photos from the Bulls ride by Andrea Rophia have been uploaded to the club's Flickr account and you'll find a link on the Photos page.

In case you missed them, we've also got a link to the album of photos provided by Fiona Northway and posted to the club Facebook group - you need to be a Facebook and WATRC Facebook Group member to see these ones.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Bulls Results published

Apologies for the delay - before the results can be released they have to be checked and the Bulls results took a little longer than usual while we resolved some minor transcription errors. Find them now on our Results page.

We expect to have photos for Bulls but not until after the Manakau ride. Once we have the thumb drive with the photos we'll get them uploaded and linked as soon as possible.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Newsletter 172, Rata Results and mid-year Points Competition Top 10s published

Summer weather finally has arrived and with it the second half of our competition season.  We've released the mid-year progress results for the Points Competition and the Premiere Points Competition and these are both available on the Results page along with the Rata results.

Also just out the first Newsletter of 2015, emailed to our subscription list and posted in the News page of our website.

Regretfully, no photos from Rata as our regular photographer could not attend. If anyone has taken photos they'd be happy to make available on-line, please send a link to the album to the Webmaster (email address is on the Contacts page) and we'll publish it on our photos page with attribution. Our members and competitors are always very appreciative of photos from our rides.

The next ride is at Bulls, a venue we last used in 2009. Our regular photographer is again unable to make it to this event but we're hoping to have someone there to catch you in action.